New Home

As soon as I landed in Accra, Ghana I felt so much joy. Everyone is so friendly and it’s so beautiful here with the lush green vegetation and bright red dirt. I feel so comfortable and at home kind of reminds me of Paraguay but African style haha. I dropped my things off at the hotel and right away we went to the orphanage to greet the children. It was such a powerful and emotional moment to see the children arriving in taxis from around the country with only the clothes they were wearing with the look of confusion and fear. They had no idea where they were or what was about to happen to them. We hugged them and welcomed them to their new home. We have 22 children now at the orphanage. They all came at different times throughout the past two days. They are the sweetest kids. We played games to help make them more comfortable and read books with them. Some know how to read and some don’t and some don’t even speak English even though English is the national language of Ghana.

My heart breaks when I hear the stories of where these kids came from and I just want them to know how loved they are and valued. All the kids just want to be held and touched, always reaching for my hand to hold and looking at me with a big smile. I was only with them for one day and already feel attached… I’m worried how it will be a month from now.

The orphanage is split up in apartment style where 5 kids each have foster parents. They have their meals in a family setting which is really great so they can get more individual attention. In one week I will move into the guest house right next to where the kids live..I’m excited for that because we will get to have a few kids over at a time to just get to know them better and bond more. This morning one of the foster moms told us that a boy named Sammy who is 14 years old told her that he is the happiest he has ever been in his life. He used to live on a farm where he was like a slave and treated really bad. I’m so happy these children have a place they can call home and feel safe. Seeing them laughing and playing together warmed my heart up.

I love it so much here and it’s only day 2! I will continue to keep you posted :)) thanks for reading!