Official opening of Project Nyame Nsa

Ever since I met Devon she told me about her dream of opening an orphanage in Ghana. The Lord gave her this vision when she was young and people never really thought it would happen or that it would only happen when she was much older. She went to UNC Chapel Hill and graduated this Spring..the entire time her dream never changed and she didn’t get swayed by what other people thought or the pressure of people telling her to get a “real job”. After years of prayer and support from her family…today was the official opening of Project Nyame Nsa which means “God’s helping hand” in the village of Hope.

Today was probably the most emotional day. Arriving to the orphanage and seeing all the kids waiting for us at the gate is a memory I will never forget. This day of course was most emotional for Devon as she saw her dream become a reality. She is now going to be living with 30 of the children to take care of and love. The children had so much joy on their faces and were so excited to just be played with and loved.

The Holy Spirit’s presence has been so strong on this trip! Seeing God work in the villages, the children and even among our team has been so incredible. He has just been filling us with so much joy. Devon’s life is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and how when God gives you a vision for something that is along His will then He will make it happen. We can have full trust and confidence in God. Sometimes we get scared to trust in The Lord fully and give Him all control over our lives but honestly only then can he truly do things that are bigger that we can ever imagine. Because of Devon’s faithfulness and obedience to Christ she has now given a home to these children and opportunities that they would have never had otherwise. It’s amazing how God can use one person to impact many others.

The Lord and His plans fulfills you more than anything else can. This is why I have given my life to Christ and love seeing others come to Him. Christianity for me isn’t a religion it is a relationship…a relationship where I can communicate to the Creator of the Universe and feel his presence and see His miracles. Talking to people on this trip and seeing how Christ has transformed their lives has been so amazing. And now seeing these children and hearing where they came from, I can’t help but praise God even more because He has redeemed them and given them a home.

God is a good good Father.

“A father to the fatherless” Psalm 68:5

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18