Hi Medium

I joined medium last year to decide if I wanted to keep my selfhosted Wordpress blog or move across to Medium. Truth be told, I haven’t written much since. And it’s terrible, since I used to write daily at one point in my life.

Among all this decision making, it’s been a busy year. Quite a bit has happened, most of it too long to actually write here, and some I’m not interested in talking about any more.

All of this has also welcomed my resurgence to social media, so I’m back on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. And now here on Medium. Still in decision phases about my selfhosted blog space right now. Not entirely sure what I want to do with it.

In terms of what I’m going to be blogging about here…. It would be a mix of personal and corporate branding, social media, trends, and not just local stuff but international where it’s relevant and applicable to our regional markets, and to my clients.

I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge and it’s through writing that I can do that.

So, this is where I start…

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