The new sony Camera — The Idea Looks Amazing

Only at that days Photo Marketing Association Exhibition and Conference (PMA 2010) The new sony showcased an idea to have an ultra-compact camera offering the opportunity to swap out lenses in the same manner that you’d having a fully blown professional DSLR camera. Having a recently-developed CMOS image sensor by means of the ‘Exmor APS HD’ your camera will offer you superior picture quality over it’s standard compact counterparts.

The style of your camera is exactly what wowed us most, its simple yet revolutionary, if the camera ever will get released and it is just like the present The new sony Alpha DSRL range this camera generally is likely to disappear the shelves.

Your camera may also be able record HD quality video. Along with professional-quality interchangeable lenses, this combinational would supply a less expensive option to the current increase of video capable DSLR cameras which have been flooding the marketplace during the last few years.

The choice to hold a number of different lenses, although taking on significantly less space inside your bag, appeals a multitude of customers, in the budding journalists and media students with limited budgets towards the seasoned vacationers with precious little space for storage.