Geese and Manhood

That velociraptor scream.

Some say it’s a honk.

But, no.

Direct descendants of primordial beasts.

The most beastly of the primordials.

These white-robed, loud-mouthed aviary escapees will rip throats.

Masculinity is to be alpha.

Masculinity is to be bigger.

Masculinity is to bite harder, bark louder, run faster, fuck longer, leap higher, fight more, and win.

To be alpha you must win.

And when you do, strut your shit.

Open up, aggrandize and holler.

Scream, don’t honk.

Remember, though if you can; that masculinity is all of the above — and you are still in the cage.

And you will get older.

And you will lose.

Your youth will turn on you.

Your aggression will backfire.

Your bite will be bit.

In the world of two geese — one spot I tell you.

“Learn to fly”

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