The Baseline Assumption

Fulfilling my perceptions of what life should be, incessantly. I act as I feel, to bring a sensation of knowing. I look at what I see, already with an idea of what I am looking at. Before I see it. I’ve dreamed it.

Something goes underneath radars un-seen. Bedrock under, calmly awaits the engineered marvels to crumble. Masterpiece of design, experiential presentation. Clear prism views, dizzying heights, tamed and used. Useless worry, why do you visit me so?

I thought we did this to be free. I thought we reached for the skies to better see. As a child, I can hardly breath. All my passion leaking into the sea. Questioning has never been bad, right? Its the ground upon which an artist stands. No, its the ground upon which a human being stands. No, its the ground upon which golden limbs dance to the beat….

Accessing the collection inside. I have the shoe-boxes in my head. You want me to find all the little things you left behind; I’d love for this to be true. But its clear that my fantasy is my fantasy…

This is close to the end, I know, because I can feel the tension leave. What I wished I could conceive is taken care of already. These are average words from whats worth nothing. A meaningless blip reaching no one with passionate cries of painful pleasure. I fucking miss you. I’ll always love your affect. Not within the body, or even in your expression or words. Just the massive silence that resounds harmoniously bountiful. A field of bottlebrush, illuminated disappearing sun. Its all over.

What is the line that could break this code? Where could I find the shrines of gold? Will you come with me, without the road? No path to lead us where to go. Only what is and what isn’t. Fusion.

There is nothing that I want. There isn’t one thing that I could have. There is only what I couldn’t ever know, and that is unconditional love.


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