The Love in me The Love in you

It was a beautiful dream. It was everything… It was you and me and the trees. It was a song that never ended. It was a wave of laughter under the full moons rapture. I fell, high above the clouds of possibilities, to the horizon of truth. No easy transition, never seems that it is. Nevertheless, beautiful in its own way. Perfectly ironic, twisted iconic. We shared a moment in this life, peak of the mountain type, where god resided.

Then it hits me, this never ends! No past tense. I don’t use these words, just for fun. I don’t type to get away. My blood pumps to watch my soul slip into screens, while soft piano backgrounds, textures fragile themes. Love is real, and feeling this above all allows for all expression to be more than just an isolated event of touch taste smell sound or sight. You know that you can be, you know that we can be, you know that we are. Birth of a dying star. I speak to you from the entangled story of desire. Partially genuine selfishness. I want and need, I toss and turn to feed, restless and tall I search for the call. Even the lull.

Lean into me, and allow me to hold you. I’ll never fold through. All thats here, the force of clear, the flame of fear, the pride in these tears. I’ll carry you to the finish line, every drop, I’ll never stop. With the passion of an ant. Belief propelling even when I cant. Silence in butterfly wings, I sing to the inner judge. Let me hear you once again, i’m always listening. Under the sunset glistening, a rise for another man. Stretch into the unseen, while this dream. Such mixture, running watercolor, a drop of multicolored paint into the skies of limitlessness. I will go where I have to, and see what I must. I will complete my mission. I won’t be subdued in minds prescription. The language of love, is all that Ill ever need, perfection unconditionally. The last song, is all that I am, the glance of chance, mysteries dance. I only live for you.


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