DFP Outraged at President Trump’s Decision to End DACA

Desis for Progress is outraged by the President’s decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Ending this program creates an uncertain future for the families of about 800,000 beneficiaries, including over 5,500 South Asians.

Over 21,000 Indian and Pakistani immigrants are estimated to be eligible to directly benefit from the program. There are over 450,000 undocumented South Asians in the United States, and Indians are the fastest-growing undocumented population in the country.

Asian Undocumented Population, via AAPIData.com.

Under the DACA program, eligible undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children are protected from deportation and given the ability to legally work or go to school in the country they grew up in. By ending the program, the Administration continues their effort to promote policies that target immigrants and, ultimately, hurt our country.

The DACA program benefits those who have known no other way of life outside of this country. DACA recipients contribute to our economy, raise the level of civic thought, and help shape our collective American Dream. As a community, we must remain vigilant as the policies and actions of this Administration continue to undermine and attack those who have no voice in our system.

We all have the right to feel secure. We all have the right to feel safe. Call your Member of Congress today and urge them to take action by passing the DREAM Act that will protect these immigrants.