The updated plan of DeskBell Chain

Dear community!
From the very beginning our team pursues the main goal: to create a standard in the sphere of mobile internet service in the hotel and tourism industry. We’ve been following this goal during several years, and this is the reason we started the ICO, due to perspectives in an open and safe environment of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency monetization. We keep our word, so we prioritized product development instead of empty promises. That’s what we’ve been doing during the last months throughout the whole ICO, working on the concept, business model and software. For this reason, we put all our effort into the project itself.

The work of the last months let us to have a better grip of the opportunities and the limits to applicability of blockchain in projects, which go beyond digital transactions and obligations, of the modern and actively growing sphere of the “Internet of Things”. We came to two conclusions. First, the DeskBell mobile service itself is primary for our project, and it’s mobile devices that are opening the “Internet of Things” for the DeskBell Chain; otherwise it’s impossible to take human factor into account, which still plays a big role in the safety and reliability of blockchain (apart from purely digital transactions.) DeskBell is a service of “smart things”, with the introduction into an ecosystem of tourist business and the following decentralization in blockchain. As expected, DeskBell Chain is developing as the ecosystem of mutual motivation, as a platform which is open and accessible to everyone. This is what we are planning to define and demonstrate soon. Second, we are not afraid of changes in the project, when these changes bring development and growth.

All this time we stuck to the roadmap plans, defined for the ICO duration:preparation of DeskBell, MVP DeskBell Chain development and implementation of the project into the real business for fund raising. At the ICO launch in May, we chose the 1st of November as a marker for the end date, but considered ICO extension as well. The creation of an innovative product cannot adhere to strict guidelines. That is because the MVP development was a higher priority than the ICO promotion. Therefore, we are making some major changes:

  • The ICO is entering the second stage until the 31st of March 2019;
  • We begin implementing DeskBell Chain into hotels immediately, regardless the budget, to launch and test a real business model.

All the changes and the roadmap will be introduced shortly. Keep in touch!

Best regards,
DeskBell Chain team.

DeskBell — The New Age of Blockchain in hotels

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Application DeskBell will help you be guided quickly, easily and comfortably in the hotel you have checked in. You needn’t use books describing hotels options.

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