DeskBell: MVP and future plans

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DeskBell team have entered the ICO at the beginning of 2018 with its groundwork in CRM/PMS segment and mobile information system prototype. Making a standard of the information system in the sphere of tourism and hospitality is, and has always been our main goal. It will be achieved when we’ll reach the area of interest for hoteliers, which is impossible without commercial utility and, respectively, attracting end customers. During the ICO, we were able to analyze monetization solutions for our project, and to find participants and partners in blockchain community.

Throughout the year, we’ve spent many resources to study blockchain technology and, according to the roadmap, prepared a monetization system prototype within the flexible marketing tools project of DeskBell Chain: an ecosystem of mutual exchange of offers and rewards. We organized a storage of transactions in blockchain, with an option to create tasks of different difficulty levels, limited by Ethereum nature. The prototype includes a mechanism of posting geographically targeted ads with token rewards for users and token exchange with business-partners participants.

During the analysis and upon application, we became convinced that, from the viewpoint of contract opportunities, that internal currency mechanism in blockchain is possible, and blockchain conforms to its claims of distributed currency with no centralization and banking systems. During the analysis, we evaluated and tested different technologies, and did not limit ourselves to Ethereum, which was taken due to its popularity, a reasonable level of smart contracts technology and being one of the de-facto standards in the sphere of ICO.

We loved the potential of blockchain, and consider trouble free and irreversible data storage technologies to be very promising for exchange and trust, eliminating third parties. However, there’s something blockchain systems are unable to do, and we couldn’t find solutions to the two main issues, that are yet to be found in the near future.

First, modern blockchain implementations are awkward; slow and energy consuming, which does not correspond to our mission of saving environment using digital solutions. Every transaction takes time, puts a heavy load on machines in a mining chain, which is not suitable for big distribution system of mutual information exchange and rewards, which is offered in our DeskBell project.

Second, which is key, during the study we could not find a solution to the problem called “off-chain”. Blockchain is good when the system closes on itself, when the problem stays within the boundaries of blockchain, be it a transaction of some virtual value or information verified within the contract. As soon as the problem goes off the blockchain, for example, becomes applicable to people or things, blockchain loses its competency. If a manual data entering, by a live person is needed, blockchain is unable to verify this data with the exception of mathematics, so it is not even clear was it a person or a bot.

Creating DeskBell Chain, we were looking for solutions in the internet of things, thinking that mobile devices can be used for identification, but the barrier between the blockchain and environment remains as…there is no solution yet. At the very least, our users and clients have to trust us as a third party, as an intermediary, which for one part gives them content which blockchain contains, and for the other part — real people audience, service clients and mobile app users. Everything that goes off the distributed chain of digital signatures cannot be verified until “smart things” will be created, that exist because of blockchain, until there will be mechanisms… of anonymous identification of people, so there will be proof that a user is a live person.

We are not the first ones to face this issues in theory, and have written about it several times (for example:, with hopes and forecasts, but we were one of the first to face this problem in practice, and didn’t cut corners offering another “project 100% applicable in blockchain”. We understand that now, in a certain sense, the world is not ready for blockchain, and a sphere of implementation of open and trouble free data storage is still limited.

Meanwhile, DeskBell chain became a working prototype of project monetization, which is a blockchain project because we use cryptocurrency as internal currency, and completion of transactions is recorded in blockchain. This, as we mentioned above, does not solve the issue with identification of clients and users at least as real people. It also does not give much from the viewpoint of blockchain, asking all DeskBell Chain users to trust third parties, from mobile devices manufacturers to those who create marketing offers in our ecosystem.

We will certainly keep our groundwork , developing marketing system in DeskBell, leaving open a possibility of future integration of blockchain technology, with an appearance of new science-based approaches in this sphere, solving productivity and environmental issues, and pushing blockchain to the internet of things. Probably, it will be us to contribute to a development of it in the hotel and tourism industry, but not before reaching our project’s goal — creation of information system for travelers and automation of tourism business.

Upon gaining experience in the sphere of blockchain and ICO, we’ll focus on the next level of DeskBell, sticking to the roadmap, for one part starting business integration, for the other part — developing monetization, marketing and information systems.

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