Shared Office Space City of London

Virtual office space

Virtual office space is the latest concept which is been used in the current times. It is specially designed for the new startups so that the ease and comfort can be provided to them. You can get the temporary and emergency space for your office. You are also offered with some of the additional benefits including the printing and stationery benefits. They offer you with the hot desking which allows you to become more productive. You can easily rent the desk in the shared space and also drive your business forward with their helps.

Desking service

In the host desking service you can also get the features such as the hot drinks, WIFI and snacks and also the features like copying and printing. Moreover, all the things are available for free. You can also check different membership levels for the same. You can also get the feature such as the dedicated desks. They allow you to rent the desk space in the office and it includes the lockable storage as well. You can also get the benefit from the thriving work environment in the area. You can also get your own key which can be used for 24 hours and also as the weekday’s access.

Lockers facility

Lockers facility is also offered by the companies. They allow you to lock your valuables and safe yourself from taking the things in everyday. It has different membership level for the same. The meeting room is also offered to you where you can easily fix meeting with your clients. It has some charges and the non member’s charges are different. The meeting rooms are ideal for 4 people. You can also conduct the events and attend the networking events and seminar on the professional’s development. The other services like consultancy, resources are also offered by such companies.

They offer you mainly with the shared office space and also with the desk space and that also on rent especially for the companies and for people. It may be in need for people and companies on rent basis or for temporary use and also for their short term office space. The location usually is central and it is only a 7 minute walk from the tubes, buses and trains and thus it means that your office temporary space can be great for you with all the comforts and convenience.

The companies offering this service make sure that they impress their clients. The office address can be used on the stationery and also on the letterhead. You can also forwards the business letters and that includes the company’s house, HMRC and that also free of charge. The shared office space and package which are offered to you are completely scalable. It means that you can easily upgrade or downgrade any of the packages easily. It mean that after taking a package you feel that you need more then you can easily upgrade and if you feel that you don’t need this much space then you can also downgrade.

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