I Can Do Anything

A club, a drug, a mystery girl and a night to remember.

Well are we going to stand here looking at them, or are we going to drop them or what?” Tony asked.

He was getting impatient with the group. He had his hand held out to them and in his palm were four white pills. It seemed like they were beginning to have second thoughts about the drugs; they looked uncomfortable.

“Christ lads, don’t look so worried!” Tony said. “It’s ecstasy not fucking heroin or crystal meth! Come on… grab one and let’s party!”

They each took a pill but the group waited for Tony to drop his first. Tony popped the pill in his mouth and swallowed it with some water, then passed the bottle to his friends. For some reason they felt better knowing Tony had taken his first. It was like it was ok to do this foolish thing now that Tony had done it. One by one they consumed their pills.

“Whooo!” Tony yelled out, “party time!”

The quartet walked around the corner and took their place in the queue outside Chrome nightclub. They nattered excitedly as they lined up with all the other clubbers. Everyone was looking relaxed and happy in the gloriously warm Summer night. The women looked amazing and there was so many of them; they seemed to outnumber the men two to one. There was something special about tonight; it wasn’t like other nights. For one thing they had never been to Chrome before but they had heard plenty about it. They had never done drugs before either; this was virgin territory for them. But they were also due to hook up with some new girls that Tony had invited.

“Can’t see them anywhere,” Tony said scanning the crowd in front of him and behind. “They could be inside already. Who knows?”

They lit up cigarettes and kept looking at each other for signs of narcotic influence; they started laughing.

“What?” Tony asked genuinely confused.

“Can you feel anything yet?” Leo asked.

“Nah…I told you before. It takes about a half-hour to kick in. How long has it been…ten minutes? We won’t feel anything for a while yet lads.”

They continued queueing and smoking and nattering all the way to the entrance. The bouncers gave them a quick pat down.

“Not carrying anything dangerous are we lads?” one bouncer said to no-one in particular. “No knives? Nothing that could cause serious bodily harm later on when you’re out of it?”

“No,” Tony replied on behalf of the group. “Just here to dance man, that’s all.”

The bouncer looked Tony in the eye.

“Carrying any drugs on you?” he asked sternly.

Tony paused for a moment; he wasn’t expecting the question.

“No,” was all he could manage in response.

“Why haven’t you?” the bouncer asked without any smile or hint of jest. There was a silence, Tony was flummoxed; he couldn’t think of any response at all.

“Go on…enjoy the night lads,” the bouncer said and waved them through.

They headed into the main dance floor and before them was a truly awesome sight. A large room as big as any warehouse spread out before them. The ceiling was adorned with lights which were all currently purple and green. The bar seemed to cover the entire perimeter of the club. The crowd looked spectacular under the lights and it wasn’t even half full yet. But most of all it was the sensation of the sound system that got them. Tony had never heard music so loud and so clear, not even at live gigs. He could feel his body vibrate with the force of the drums and synthesizers and bass. The room was a visual and audio feast that felt sexy and dirty and dangerous.

“Now remember what I said lads,” Tony shouted to his friends. “Keep yourselves hydrated with water alright, stay off the booze. It’s no good for ya. It will kill your buzz. Now I’m going to the bar. Four bottles of water….back in a minute.”

He turned and headed to the bar. His friends stayed put at the edge of the dance floor, soaking up the incredible atmosphere.

Tony ordered water from the bar and could barely contain himself at the sight of so many beautiful women in the club. He handed out the water to his friends and they sipped from the bottles. They still weren’t sure if they were feeling any high or just a nervous energy. The sound system was so powerful it was hard to tell if they were feeling the effects of the drug or just the music.

“Ok lads, time to hit the floor,” Tony said. “It won’t kick in properly until we start moving. That’s how it goes.”

He was eager to feel the drug, he had been hearing about it for too long. He was tired of hearing the stories of euphoria. He wanted to feel it for himself. He also heard plenty of stories about dodgy tablets that do nothing except make people feel ill. Friends of his told him some tablets are nothing more than sham mixtures of talcum powder, bleach or even rat poison. The stories scare him but not enough to discourage him; he still wants the drug and his only concern now is that he may have swallowed a pill with no effects whatsoever. The last thing he wanted was a dud tablet. Still looking awkward and shy, the boys moved onto the dance floor like a bunch of children starting primary school. Tony immediately led them to the rear of the room where there seemed to be better crowd cover.

“Here will do, yeah?” Tony asked. They shuffled their feet tentatively and tried to look as laid back as the clubbers around them.

“Anything yet?” Leo shouted.

The boys shook their heads in unison and continued shuffling. Tony looked at his watch; it had been more than half an hour since they took the pills and still he felt nothing yet. Now he was starting to feel a little anxious. The lights dimmed for a few minutes and the music slowed to a crawl. The DJ showed off his mixing skills by doing the customary orgasm style build-up of synthesizers. Tony had heard that audio orgasm on a dozen different records and it never meant very much to him. Sometimes he just found it annoying. The orgasm reached its crescendo with an enormous crash, and the club lights burst open in a glorious blue, purple and yellow strobe that seemed to momentarily blind the crowd. Just then he caught sight of his friend’s faces under the lights. Benny and John both had wide grins on their faces. They seemed to be laughing and Tony wanted to know more.

“Are you feeling it?” Tony roared out.

“Fuck yeah…I can definitely feel something,” Benny roared back.

“Me too…whoo-hoooo!” John screamed.

Tony looked to Leo’s face but saw no similar signs. Leo shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “not me mate, I’m not feeling anything.” They continued shuffling and sipping their water.

Tony noticed the most stunning girl he’d ever laid eyes on who suddenly appeared beside him seemingly out of nowhere. She looked Spanish with thick black long straight hair, thin legs and waist, and wearing an all-in-one tight white body suit that seemed to make her look almost naked. His eyes did a double take, then for several minutes they remained transfixed and he quickly forgot where he was. Watching her dance was like hypnotising yourself; you were awake but in some new strange place in your mind. A place you’ve never been to before except perhaps in your dreams. And then it happened.

Tony felt a sensation within himself that he had never experienced before. It was hard to comprehend at first; his hands suddenly felt strange like they were extra sensitive to touch. The skin all over his body began to tingle, but not in an uncomfortable pins-and-needles way. This was different; it felt like a feather gently tickling him on the inside. His legs felt light and more agile than usual. His heart seemed to beat a little faster but it didn’t bother him. He took a sip from his bottle and even the water tasted different. He looked around the giant room at all the women who were looking hotter by the minute. Then he gazed up at the ceiling to watch the lights still doing their psychedelic dance. He began to laugh as it dawned on him that the drug was taking effect; for Tony it came as a welcome relief.

“Holy shit,” he said out loud to no one in particular. “So this is ecstasy.”

The lights suddenly lit up his friends faces. Benny and John were still climbing high and looking happier than he’d ever seen them. Leo wasn’t having much luck though and Tony tried to commiserate.

“Don’t worry man…just keep moving, it’ll kick in eventually. I’m just starting to feel it now.”

Leo didn’t answer him and turned away like a sulky kid at a children’s party. The dancefloor seemed to fill up rapidly and the room temperature began to rise. The DJ went through another slow-down-then-speed-up routine on the decks. Another orgasm sequence designed to motivate the drugged up masses. How wonderfully different it sounded now, compared to all the times when it annoyed him to the point of cursing the DJ.

As the music reached yet another crescendo and the lights went into strobe mode, Tony’s entire body and brain accelerated into some new physical state. He felt weightless. The crowd around him began screaming; he laughed again and screamed along with them. It felt good to scream. The strobing stopped and the beat settled down into a beautiful groove.

“Fuck me man, this is something else!” Tony yelled out to his mates.

“I’m Superman!” Benny shouted and they both laughed.

John was busy swirling his body around in circular motions. Leo was nowhere to be seen.

“Remember to keep sipping that water lads,” Tony warned. “Don’t burn up and get all dehydrated. Not good.”

His friends gave him the thumbs up. Tony smiled then spun around and got himself back into the rhythm of the music. There she was again; Spanish girl with the beautiful long black hair that seemed to sparkle under the lights. He couldn’t tell if she was on drugs or not. She didn’t seem to be out of it. Her dancing was slow and sexy, not hyper and spaced-out. Her movements looked careful, even rehearsed. Tony looked her up and down, becoming entranced once again. It was incredible how this girl could move so little and still exude such a powerful energy. Maybe she was stoned or a little drunk. Then again maybe she was on a natural high; some people don’t need narcotics. Tony ran his gaze slowly all the way up from her stilettoed feet and sinewy legs, past her incredible waistline and perfectly round tits. His gaze reached her face and Tony’s body slowed down for a moment; she was looking straight at him.

Their eyes locked and her eyes were intense; they had a kind of anger in them. She didn’t smile but held her gaze. Tony tried to keep looking but found her intensity too much. He looked away but out of the periphery he could feel her watching him. He looked over at her again and she was still swaying and still watching him. Tony couldn’t deal with her intensity and so smiled at her hoping to break the strange trance she was in.

To his surprise she smiled back and suddenly looked almost bashful. She turned away and kept swaying slowly on the same spot. Tony gazed at her behind and it was possibly the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. The drug felt amazing now, like he had just been born again with a brand new body and a new fresh mind devoid of fear. He shuffled over to the raven haired mystery girl.

“Hi,” Tony said into her ear.

She turned around and smiled again but did not say anything. She took a step closer to him and continued swaying while looking up at him. Her dark eyes were even more intense up close. He wasn’t sure where any of this flirting was going, but it felt good and he was happy to go along with it.

The music went into another slow motion dive where the only sound in the room seemed to be a bass guitar, or maybe it was a synthesizer, he couldn’t tell. The lights dimmed and turned yellow making the crowd all around him appear like zombies in a movie. Tony took a sip of water and mystery girl held out her hand. He handed her the plastic bottle. She took a sip from it then turned around and backed into him. She moved her ass around in circular motions. For a moment he was afraid to touch her, but the fear quickly evaporated. He placed his hands on her waist and could hardly believe what was happening.

He couldn’t stop the erection he got either, but she didn’t seem to mind it. They continued dancing under the soft golden lights, and waited for the inevitable burst of multi-coloured lights and manic sound. Their sexy dance lasted a couple of minutes in which no words were exchanged. Only the feelings mattered and they were the strangest and happiest feelings he ever had. Then the music broke once more and the crowd erupted in a cacophony of joyous roars and unintelligible shrieks. Tony had no idea what they were screaming; he was too new to the scene. Mystery girl went into a physical frenzy, and Tony tried to ignore his erection and get back into the groove again. Just then his friends appeared beside him.

“Whoo-woo….yeah, yeah, yeah!” they cried out and the three of them laughed and danced their silly dance manoeuvers.

The entire crowd were now speechless and energised, with everyone dancing and basking in the glory of whatever narcotic they were on. Tony felt like the drug had temporary control over his limbs. He waved his arms and swayed his hips and moved his feet, and he knew none of his movements were in any way synchronized but he couldn’t care less.

The music dipped again to give the crowd a chance to catch their breath. Tony raised his hand to take some water and realised that mystery girl still had his bottle. He looked around but could not see her. He thought it might be a good idea to go look for her. He could use the water as an excuse to strike up a conversation.

“I’m out of water boys,” he yelled out to his friends. “I’m going to the bar, back in a minute.” With that he disappeared into the crowd.

Even the walk across the dancefloor was like a whole new experience. Everyone he passed had doped up eyes and an amiable smile, and he wasn’t sure if they were smiling at him or just smiling to themselves. Blondes and brunettes done up to the nines were all over the place. Making his way through them felt like participating in some kind of orgy; it was claustrophobic in the nicest possible way.

He reached the perimeter of the dancefloor and went for a walkabout. He asked someone where the smoke room was then followed their directions. When he arrived in the very small smoke area one of the first people he saw was mystery girl. She was with some other girls and ordinarily he wouldn’t approach a group of them, but tonight was different and he felt like a different person. He walked up to them and stood next to mystery girl.

“So where’s my water?” he said with a smile.

“What water?” she said and smiled back.

He was surprised by her accent; she was a Dub with quite a sharp brogue.

“Oh this water?” She raised the bottle to her mouth and gulped down the last of it.

“Here you go,” she said and held out the empty bottle to him. She grinned at him, and her friends sniggered nervously.

“You cheeky bitch; you owe me a fresh bottle of H2O. But I’ll settle for a cigarette instead.”

No-one said anything and mystery girl eyeballed him for a moment.

“Alright, fair’s fair,” she finally said.

She reached into her pocket and took out a pack of Marlboro lights. He took one out and she took one for herself.

“Don’t mind if I join ya, do ya? Seeing as they’re my cigarettes.”

She lit his cigarette for him.

“Not at all, feel free,” he said still smiling at her. “Smoke your head off.”

There was an awkward silence then her timid friends made their excuses and headed back inside.

“So let me guess, you’re orbiting the earth right now yeah? High as a kite?” she asked.

“A little bit,” he said.

“A little?” she laughed. “Have you looked in the mirror lately? Your eyes look like they’re gonna pop out and go dancing by themselves.”

Now they laughed together.

“I haven’t been to the toilet yet, I haven’t seen my peepers.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out a cosmetic box and opened it.

“Brace yourself,” she said and held up the mirror to his face. He peered into the mirror and got a little bit of a fright.

“I see what you mean. Fuckin’ hell!”

They laughed again.

“Hope my eyes won’t frighten you away.”

She took a long pause before replying. Her face looked different now; it looked warmer, softer. Her smile transformed her whole appearance; she was even more beautiful now.

“No I don’t scare that easy. And besides they’re quite nice eyes even with those bulging pupils; I like blue eyes.” Tony couldn’t stop smiling at her.

“Do me a favour will you? Close your eyes for a moment,” he said with no trace of his usual social fears.

“Why?” she replied with a suspicious look.

“Because I asked you to; just for a second…two seconds.” She paused again and this time it felt like a very long silence. The silence felt good though, strange and good.

“Ok, for two seconds,” she finally said and closed her eyes.

Tony leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were incredibly soft and her perfume filled his nostrils. More than two seconds passed but she didn’t interrupt him. He didn’t know how long they kissed for, but when he stopped he felt even higher than before. Another strange but wonderful silence followed; she eventually broke it.

“What’s your story anyway? I haven’t seen you here before and I’m a regular,” she said.

“That’s because I haven’t been before. I’m a first timer in every sense. First night in Chrome, first time on E…first time talking to a super model.”

She looked away almost pissed off by the compliment.

“Yeah yeah, I know. I’m the prettiest girl in the world right? I should be on the catwalks of Milan yeah? Do you know how many times I’ve heard that shite in this club, and in every other fuckin’ place?”

Tony laughed but she didn’t.

“No tell me…how many times?” A fit of giggling suddenly enveloped him.

“You want to share that joke laughing boy? What the fuck is so funny?” she asked with no malice in her voice.

It took him a minute to gather himself, but she was patient.

“You…you’re funny. It must be such a burden being so good looking, having to tolerate all those compliments. You have my deepest sympathy.”

She smiled at him and took a pull of her cigarette.

“No it’s no burden. I just get tired of the predictable compliments. All you guys need to brush up on your wooing skills. Calling me supermodel, my God…how lame.”

“Well who says I’m wooing you? For all you know I’m just a guy making casual conversation.”

He pulled on his own cigarette.

“Now you’re the funny one. You were practically drooling on yourself when you saw me on that dance floor. Let me give you a tip; next time, try not to be so obvious.”

They quenched their cigarettes together.

“Well I’ll bear that in mind. And speaking of the dance floor, how about coming back inside with me and show off some more of those cool moves of yours.”

She eyeballed him again just to see how long he could stand her gaze this time. For a solid minute she sat and stared at him but he held his nerve; he looked and he smiled but didn’t look away.

“Alright,” she said at last, “come on.”

With that she stood up and held out her hand to him. He took hold of her hand and she led him out of the smoke room and into the club.

On the way back to the dance floor they passed Leo who was now leaning on a counter at the edge of the floor. He had a pint of beer and a whisky short in front of him, and he looked totally deflated. He obviously swallowed a dud pill. Tony thought about approaching him to offer some words of empathy but changed his mind. Better to leave him be; empathising with him now would just sound like he was rubbing it in.

The couple made their way onto the floor and Tony could immediately feel the heat from the crowd and the lights. The beat was in full energy mode; high and fast and people all around them shook their bodies. Mystery girl immediately lost herself in the music. Tony remembered what she said about not being so obvious. For a while he tried being cool, then decided he didn’t give a shit and went back to ogling her from head to toe.

The drug rose up inside him again like a wave gaining momentum, and carrying him away effortlessly to some tropical space in his head. For the next half hour he danced furiously; so much so that for a while he didn’t notice mystery girl anymore or anyone else. He was in some new unchartered territory in his brain now; places never accessed before. He loved this new space; everything about it was just right. His body felt athletic, his mind felt nothing but joy. He waved his arms; he shook his hips and shuffled his feet without any feeling of exhaustion. Then the music crashed once again and everything slowed down.

The only sound now was a low heavy drum. The lights turned a bright blue and he could see Benny and John. Benny had his eyes closed, and John was trying to flirt with several disinterested women beside him. The music got so low he could hear people talking around him. Then mystery girl appeared from nowhere again.

“Take it easy there big fella, calm yourself.”

She had an uneasy look in her eyes and a genuine concern in her voice. She handed him a fresh bottle of water which he started gulping down. She grabbed the bottle from him.

“Alright don’t drown yourself; come here.” She took his hand and led him over to a couple of free stools on the edge of the floor. She sat him down then stood behind him.

Tony felt her hands on his shoulders and despite how small her hands were she gave an amazing massage. He started laughing again.

“I feel like a boxer before a fight. Do you do this for a living or what?” She moved her hands up to his face and rubbed his temples.

“No sunshine I don’t, but someone needs to calm you down. You weren’t joking about this being your first time were you? You need to pace yourself or you’ll drop dead.”

She moved her hand around him and pressed it against the middle of his chest.

“Jesus,” she muttered. “Your heart is racing like a horse.”

Tony took hold of her hand and turned around to face her. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into him. He kissed her and there was a moment of resistance which he ignored. They kissed for a long time and that kiss engrained itself into his memory forever. He would never forget her and the feel of her hands and lips and waist. During that kiss he reached a new point of ecstasy that he wasn’t expecting. This was something far more intense than the narcotic in his system. He placed both hands on her face and looked into her eyes. He felt invincible now like he could do anything, be anything, accomplish any goal. Like nothing or no one could stop him or discourage him. He kissed her again.

In the middle of the kiss Tony heard a commotion but did not react to it. It sounded like raised voices were exchanging threats somewhere near them, but the sweetness of mystery girl’s mouth was too delicious to disengage from. Then the voices got louder and one of them sounded familiar; it was Leo’s voice.

He reluctantly interrupted one of the highlight moments of his life so far. Leo was in an argument with two blokes who at first glance appeared to be ordinary patrons. On second look they were bouncers and they had a problem with Leo. Tony let go of mystery girl.

“That’s my friend over there. I better go and have a word before he gets his ass kicked.”

Tony walked up to Leo and the bouncers.

“Fellas, what’s going on, what’s the problem here?”

One bouncer, a lean bald dude with strange green alien-like eyes, barked at him.

“The problem is nothing to do with you now fuck off!”

He brushed Tony aside while Leo struggled to release himself from their grip. They continued frogmarching Leo around the outside of the dancefloor and towards the front entrance. Tony followed them and tried his best to get their attention but they were in no mood to negotiate. They reached the front door and hurled Leo out onto the footpath.

“All right…Jesus!” Tony yelled. “What’s he supposed to have done anyway?”

Alien-eyes bouncer stepped in close to Tony and he looked so angry Tony took a step back.

“Do you know this wanker or what? Is he a mate of yours?” Tony looked at his friend still standing out on the footpath looking completely pissed, sneering and slurring his words.

“Fhuck them Tone! Bunch o’ cunts, don’t even bother with them!”

Tony could see his good friend was in a bad state and wondered how he got so drunk and belligerent so quickly. How many hours had passed? Whatever was in Leo’s pill didn’t have the same ingredients as his, or John’s or Benny’s. This was all angry booze talk. Luck of the draw was all he could deduce from the pitiful sight before him.

“Look lads, he’s one of my best mates and all he needs is some water to sober up a bit, he’s never usually like this. Let me bring him out to the smoke room and sit him down. I’ll stay with him until he sobers up; he won’t be any more bother I promise.”

Alien eyes was too mad to agree.

“That prick isn’t coming back in here, so if you really want to take care of your mate then go get your jacket on and take him home.”

Tony knew it was a lost cause trying to reason with him. It’s rare that bouncers change their minds even when calm, but when they’re angry like this guy, forget it.

“What did he do anyway, why are you so riled up?”

Tony asked genuinely curious.

“Why…I’ll fuckin’ tell you why,” alien eyes shouted as if Tony were to blame in some way.

“First he starts harassing some girls inside, then he spills a pint all over the floor, then when I tell him he’s had too much he spits at me.”

Alien eyes turned to look at Leo who was still doing his ridiculous sneering routine.

“Spat right in me face…the filthy little shit! Well if he does it again he’s gonna get a proper smack, so you better get him out o’ here. Dirty little turd.”

Tony looked at his friend and had no desire to spend the night baby-sitting him. Mystery girl was still inside and for all he knew some other guy could be making moves on her already. He suddenly became concerned; not for Leo but for mystery girl.

“Come on Tone, let’s fuckin’ go…leave these gobshites to it,” Leo growled in a half-hearted display of contempt.

Tony took a long hard long at his friend. Ordinarily he wouldn’t hesitate to take his side, but this night was different. So different than anything he had ever experienced. The drug was still in effect; even the mild night air felt great just to breathe in. This time he could feel no sympathy for his friend, nor could he feel any animosity towards the bouncers. He felt too happy inside, too at peace with himself. Alien eyes snapped at him again.

“Look we’re closing this door so you can step out there with him or stay in…what’s it gonna be? Make up your fuckin’ mind now…you got two seconds.”

Without reply Tony turned and walked back inside. As the bouncers shut the door Tony could hear Leo’s last words;

“Tony! For fuck’s sake man!” The door slammed shut and then there was nothing.

The dancefloor was still jammed and a burst of dry ice covered people from the waist down. Tony scanned the room looking for familiar faces. He could see Benny and John still on the floor, and now fully engaged with two wild looking girls both kitted out in thigh high boots. They were busy having fun and it looked like the girls were teaching the boys how to chant club style. He couldn’t hear them but he could see their mouths singing in unison. Just the look of pleasure on their faces was enough to make him forget all about Leo. He had no concept of time now; he couldn’t tell how close it was to closing time. Just then he noticed a stairs leading up to the mezzanine. He climbed it to get a better view.

The sight before him was amazing; the rectangular design of the room gave it a tunnel-like effect. The crowd were now bathed in a blue light and the sound system seemed louder and clearer. It was such a beautiful vista he lost himself in the moment. He disappeared into another dreamy sci-fi location somewhere in his mind. He liked it there, it was an effortless place; like another world where he wasn’t himself but a much better version of himself.

As he happily gazed upon the human swarm he spotted mystery girl again. She was hovering at the edge of the floor with her girlfriends and sucking some fluorescent liquid through a straw. There didn’t appear to be any sex-starved doped-up hyenas hanging around her, which he found peculiar. Are the blokes in this club suffering some kind of extreme collective myopia?

He made his way downstairs and pushed his way through the congested perimeter of the room. When he got to her he didn’t speak. Instead he just took her by the hand and led her out onto the floor. Her friends looked on with powerless anxious expressions. He led her into the middle of the room where they seemed to get swallowed up by the lights and the people. It seemed like they were there for a long and glorious time. She was more playful now. He had never given a massage before but looking around him it seemed the thing to do.

Clubbers were rubbing each other’s faces and shoulders, and blowing whistles and screaming indecipherable words of bliss. The music slowed so he copied the crowd and began rubbing mystery girl’s shoulders. He still didn’t know if she was high or not but she had no objections. He ran his fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp and she smiled.

Her smile was all he needed to see; he kissed her again and the joy of it seemed to spark another adrenalin rush inside him. The music kicked back into fast mode and he was off once again, gyrating in ways he would only ever do at home in the safety and anonymity of his bedroom. Mystery girl responded in kind and launched herself into a physical frenzy that was incredible to behold.

The multi-coloured lights suddenly disappeared and the bright house lights lit up the room. The DJ called it quits, and the crowd roared their approval and clapped their hands. It was like a standing ovation you’d expect a major rock star to get. Tony had no idea who he was but he turned to the DJ box anyway to pay his respects like the rest of the throng. He cheered and whistled and applauded.

He turned around and mystery girl was nowhere to be seen. He quickly scanned the room then went looking for her. He checked the bars, the smoke room, the mezzanine but could not find her. He could see the bouncers had opened up a side exit to let the masses go free but Tony figured his best bet was to wait by the main entrance to try and catch her.

As he waited hundreds of women passed him by; none of them was her. His brain went through a series of emotional upheavals. First he felt panic, then anger, then bewilderment. Could she have slipped out of the club with her friends that quickly? Why didn’t she wait for him? What was her god damned name? What was her number? How was he supposed to contact her? John and Benny passed by with the two kinky boot girls. They stopped and chatted for a bit.

“Now that was something fuckin’ else man!” John shouted out as if addressing everyone in the room.

“Incredible night man, what a screaming good buzz,” said Benny.

“Yeah it doesn’t get any better than that,” Tony replied.

“Shit we gotta come here again,” Benny said, his facing still sweating and beaming. “Hey Tone can you get us more gear for next week yeah?” Benny asked.

“Sure man no problem…next week, not a bother.” Benny hugged him and John joined in the hug as if together they had just completed the Dublin City marathon.

“Hey dude, where’s that sexy chick you were dancing with all night?” John asked.

“Man I don’t know and it’s wreckin’ my head; she just vanished at the last minute. Sexy bitch did a Houdini on me.” His friends had little sympathy.

“Ah man…bummer,” was their only comment.

“Speaking of sexy bitches…Tony I’d like you to meet Carla and Joanne,” Benny said as he draped his arms around the kinky boot girls.

“Ladies this is Tony, and this incredible night was courtesy of his good friends in the drug trade.”

They all laughed except Tony.

“Yeah keep it down will you,” Tony said glancing around him.

“Or what…like anyone here gives a fuck,” Benny laughed.

“Well its great meeting you girls,” Tony said extending his hand in friendship.

“You too,” they said and shook his hand.

“Right then,” John said and clapped his hands. “Back to our place for a well-earned joint; everyone in favour say I.”

“I,” they all chimed in.

“Then let’s get going.”

As they headed towards the main door Tony turned and took one last glance around the room which now looked quite bare and lifeless. The only people milling around were bar staff, bouncers and club stragglers; no sign of mystery girl. He felt disappointed but he also felt supremely confident about one thing. He was going to be back here again next week; she said she was a regular.

Des Kirby Oct 2015

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