7 reasons why all entrepreneurs should use mini PC Deskpod at their offices

Every business and start up tries to bootstrap as much as possible. Thus it is very important to use the budget carefully and cut down the unnecessary cost. Every entrepreneur wants to be up to date with the latest technology and looks for something that will make their life simple.

We bring you a latest technology, new generation mini PC Deskpod. This mini PC is a device which should be used in every business as it will solve many small IT related issue you face in day to day life, cut down your expenses and help you run your business smoothly. Computer has changed and advanced a lot since the time it was invented. We want everything portable. Deskpod is a mini PC which will fit in your hand, compact, mobile and portable.

Here are 7 reasons why all businesses should use mini PC Deskpod at their workplaces to make your IT hassle free and smooth:

1. Size:

We want everything mobile and portable then why not computer? Mini PC Deskpod is approximately 2 inches * 2 inches * 1 inch. You can easily stow it in the small pocket of your bag and carry it with and use whenever and wherever you want to. It can also be fixed behind the monitor screen. It needs very less space or no space and help you use your office space efficiently.

2. Power Consumption:

Deskpod mini PC consumes only 5–10 watts units. You can now cut your electricity expenses and contribute in Go Green. Normal desktop CPU and laptops consumes around 150 watt and hence using mini pc Deskpod will bring your electricity cost down drastically. Moreover, during power cut, you can use it in normal UPS back up for 2–3 hours. And hence your work is not interrupted due to power supply.

3. Storage:

Deskpod consist of the Emmc Flash storage. Solid state storage is always better and preferred than the hard drive storage as it speeds up the performance and do not get damaged easily as it does not as it do not have any mechanical part.

4. No SMPS Failure:

SMPS Failure is very common. Desktop computer and laptop users always face the problem of SMPS Failure, mainly due to power supply fluctuation and hence also increase the IT maintenance cost. Deskpod runs on its own adaptor and do not have SMPS in it and consumes vey less power. Hence it does not have SMPS Failure. You can run your business smoothly without worrying about it.

5. Data security & recovery:

On OS or s/w failures, it’s quite easier to recover the data from Deskpod It has one reset button. On pressing this RESET button, you can connect Deskpod to any other computer and it will detect it as a normal Pen Drive and you can copy the data easily. Hence your data is safe and secure and you don’t need any technician to recover your data.

6. All port, Bluetooth and Dual Antenna:

Deskpod have all the required and latest ports and it supports VGA and HDMI output. It has two 2.0 USB and two 3.0 USB port, Micro SD, Latest USB C-type , in built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with dual antenna one on board and one separately connected with 5Dbi capacity.

7. Rare chances of bad sector storage:

Desktop PC is always the best choice for businesses because of its low maintenance requirement and hence low IT maintenance cost. As Deskpod comes with flash based electronic storage, there are rare chances of boot failures due to reboot on power failure and improper shutdown.

Some important Deskpod specifications are :

· Based on specially designed SOC to reduce size and power consumption

· Separate GPU with Intel Gen8 12 to 16core. So, good for gaming without extra investment on separate Graphic card

· Can be installed with Windows-10 OS, Linux or Android OS

· Inside Intel Cherry Trail

Deskpod, the latest technology in information technology, is an advanced, powerful mini computer which will make your business simple and free from small hassles so that you can concentrate on your core business activities without any worry. Say “Hello“ to Deskpod. It’s 2017.