Gladwev Software Launch New Desktop Calendar for Mac

Desktop Calendar for Mac by Gladwev is what can really help one in getting control of one’s life. The tool has been primarily designed to help people with this grave disease of disorganization caused by hectic life schedules and variety of tasks that one is imposed with. Desktop Calendar for Mac solves all that and offers much more. It materializes its company, Gladwev’s, motto which states that it makes customers powerful.

What came out after a lot of research of Gladwev’s engineers was that most tools are very good at their job of managing customers’ time but they fail in keeping customers attached to their planned events. The tool can make every time management task a reality and everything which makes customers’ life more organized and productive.

Gladwev incorporated many essential features in the tool only to make it more useful to customers. In their study, it emerged that iCal is present and used in almost every Mac OS computer. So, they decided to make Desktop Calendar for Mac an assistant to iCal. The tool fills all the gaps and loopholes of iCal and not just assist it but makes it better. It auto syncs with iCal at runtime and makes every content of iCal its own. Every change made to iCal can be accessed in iCal’s quality when combined with Desktop Calendar for Mac’s effectiveness makes time management a cakewalk.

The tool has also been prepared to stand alone. In the research it was found that almost every Mac user use a time management tool, be it iCal, Google Calendar or some other. Therefore, it was known that almost every Mac user already has a chart prepared in some other tool. To make it easier for them to create the same chart in Desktop Calendar for Mac, the copy/paste feature was incorporated in Desktop Calendar for Mac which enabled every user to copy their chart and assignments and reminders from ay calendar to Desktop Calendar for Mac.

But if anyone wants to start fresh, Gladwev has made adequate arrangements for that too. The tool enables users to create new events, charts, time table from scratch. Its user interface is a delight to work with. Nothing ever hassles customers in Desktop Calendar for Mac and what is even more enchanting is that the tool does not let customers miss their events or schedules. For this it provides customers with a totally personalized view for evens/ to do tasks/ reminders etc. The tool makes itself easily accessible and provides special window for any day/month. The selection of any day/month/year will display all the events/assignments/to do tasks related to that.

The tool also has a search engine which is entirely dedicated to help customers if they lose their way. It also has a filter system which makes the search easier.

The tool has a free trial version which can help you to ascertain the facts mentioned here for yourself. It comes with a time limit of 30 days. So, get Desktop Calendar for Mac’s trial version, give it a chance to plan your entire month and if it helps, buy it, else not. Take your chance to make your life better now!

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