Goodbye, Target.

Recently, in a fit of unmitigated idiocy, Target stores decided to ignore the 99.7% and listen only to the 0.3% and open their restrooms up to pedophiles, rapists and sexual predators of all kinds by publicly allowing the almost non-existent transgendered population, including those that simply identify as transgendered, to use their restroom of choice.

Translation: If you have a penis, irrespective of your intent, you may use the women’s restrooms as long as you say you “identify as a woman” if you’re caught or confronted.

My outrage is not about anything LGBTQ (see below, no pun intended), it’s about openly allowing sexual predators to move freely into and out of women’s restrooms and changing rooms by simply stating that they identify as a woman.

Target has just lost my nearly $15,000 a year in business.

The stock market agrees with me since, as of this writing, Target has lost $4 per share in the last five days, or roughly 5% of its value. That’s THREE BILLION dollars in market value just to appear to be sensitive to the needs of, at most, 900,000 people that probably didn’t need or want the spotlight on them in the first place.

Target could have used that $3B and spent $1.6 million per store to build lavish restrooms just for those few who are currently confused about which restroom to use.

Let me just say that I don’t care if you choose to be transgendered or any other one or more of the LGBTQ acronym members. That’s your choice.

However, for Target to pander to any group based on their sexual orientation with obvious and clear disregard for the safety of the vast majority of your customers is idiocy. Who cares if you’re a guy who wants to be a girl? I still don’t want to know about your sexuality, and will defend my daughter’s right to not have to see your penis while she uses the restroom.

What’s next? Urinals in all women’s restrooms? Legislation requiring Men’s, Women’s and “Other’s” restrooms? While we’re at it, let’s make sure we protect the pedophiles and sexual predators and have a restroom in the middle of all those with peepholes, because we wouldn’t want to deny a single American their right to “pursuit of happiness.”

Realistically, though, all it’s going to take is a few vocal moms who gets enough of men using restrooms that their daughters use, and Target will lose all their business.

Note: Please don’t bitch and whine to me about how hard your life is because of [insert ridiculous reason here]. I have a 19 year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy. You have no clue how hard life is.

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