Uber says “F&$# YOU” to drivers…

Okay, so lets say you work in an automobile plant, and your manager walks up to you and says, “Dave, we’re going to test replacing you with a robot.”

Your first inclination is probably to complain to the union, because auto workers are all unionized. However, there’s nothing they can do because robots aren’t people, and they can replace you with a robot but not another non-union person.

You’re screwed, but the good news is that this version of the robot generates a lot of scrap that needs to be cleaned up. You’ll still get your $30/hour, but you’ll have to push a broom for it.

Uber just did that to drivers. Today in Pittsburgh, PA, Uber is testing a self-driving car. This is a big middle-finger to Uber drivers, and you should all stop accepting rides until Uber clearly agrees to protect its drivers and only deploy these cars in cities where there are not enough drivers to meet demand, or some such nonsense.

Either way, you’re screwed if you’re an Uber driver. They have decided that you are a non-essential and highly variable part of the equation that they just don’t want.

Have a great day!