Have Bill Gates and Microsoft have allowed their dream to be turned into our nightmare?

Bill Gates does not seem to understand the nightmare world he has helped to create. Or if he does he has made so much money out of all of us that he no longer cares. Maybe he is too far removed from the daily hacking we are all subjected to. Using the Internet has become an absolute nightmare. Has it been it greed, Microsoft’s too hasty product development or our Governments who have allowed cyber criminals to rampage through our Cyber World? Have we been too accepting of cyber crime by letting our cyber criminals off too lightly?

Would you buy a car that only ran when the sun was shining? No you would not. Why then are we sold a Cyber World that is hacked non-stop by vermin cyber-criminals who with little intelligence can take our money and slow our work?

It is as if Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others unknowingly employ cyber criminals such is the ease in which our systems are gate-crashed. What are the security requirements for their employees?

In the last 36 hours using Windows 10 with up to date Norton anti-virus I have had the following occur.

1.My website www.peoplesdailytruth.com website was taken out of Bing search engine results. No reason was given. It is now back in the results. Microsoft have not contacted me to explain why it was removed. There is nobody in Microsoft I could contact.

2. I have not been able to send a contact form to the Bing webmaster to let Microsoft know there is a problem.— Their systems has been hacked.

3. I have not been able to submit the url of my site to Bing — it was hacked.

4. The Chat contact on one.com my website provider has been hacked into.

5 The Internet connection has been slowed down.

6. I could not upload a photo to Facebook.

7. When I am writing using the Chrome Browser the page will move across the screen.

8. When I write on Quora the page I am writing is moved off the screen.

9. An answer I posted on Quora has been removed from my page and my name has been removed as its author.

10. Whilst writing this article I was ‘frozen out’ of some one.com features and had to log out.

11. A new development that started about 5 days ago is that a web page that is open will suddenly log out.

Note: Whilst using the Bicester Library computers 4 x in less than 12 months their systems went down for up to four days at a time because of hacking — which they said was a ‘technical problem.’

Not all of these problems are Microsoft specific. But would Henry Ford have made cars if the roads could not carry his vehicles? Microsoft cannot keep developing systems that are capable of being hacked into with an Internet that is so easily disrupted.

I am hacked daily. It is non-stop. Like most of us there is little I can do.

Can I contact Microsoft direct? No.

Can I call the Police and ask them to trace the criminals? No.

Is there anyway I can get real-time support? No.

Now I am one user. My experience is being replicated around the World millions and millions of times each day.

What is the economic cost to the World?

Bill Gates and our Governments have allowed our Cyber World to become a nightmare. Any use of the Internet is a risk. Your computer is the criminals gateway to your financial and personal information.

As we all know our Governments are not the brightest kids on the block.

Theresa May by her own admission lets U.K Cyber criminals commit any crime they want. The proof is here in the U.K Governments own words:

The U.K’s National Crime Agency own report estimates that in 2015 there were 2.11 million victims of cybercrime in the UK. The NCA report also states “There is also a significant number of technically competent cybercriminals active in the UK, engaging in much of the confrontational cyber crime now targeting business and other organisations and the public”

Why then is the U.K Government not arresting them?

Bill Gates and Microsoft have developed a system that allows criminals to access our personal information and our Governments have allowed Microsoft and other companies to develop systems that can be hacked into.

We cannot complain. The Police will not investigate. Cyber crime is not reported to real-time Police. It is a virtual Police reporting system.

Such is the current obsession for Artifical Intelligence — which is all about ‘them’ making more money out of ‘us’ that cyber criminals have thrived on the lack of accountability by Microsoft and our Governments. Without a real-time response to cyber crimes the cyber criminals are getting away with billions of $ worth of crimes.

What can we the People do? Can we hack off the hands of cyber criminals with rusty hacksaw blades and dip their feet in tubs of sulphuric acid? No.

Can we all put investor money into a new operating system and put Microsoft out of business? Yes.

Can we all buy Apple for 12 months? Yes.

Can we all boycott Google in February and Bing in March? Yes.

Do we want to? No, not really. But unless the Governments and the Cyber Icons start listening to the people we may have to ‘Brexit’ them. We can withhold our taxes to our Governments. Theresa May who lives in a permanent ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is chasing away foreign investment in the U.K by allowing U.K Cyber crime. Does May understand what she has done by allowing rampant U.K Cyber Crime? Obviously not. But her citizens will when companies pull out of the U.K because of excessive cyber crime.

How can we reduce cyber-crime? What we need is some real-time connection to the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Google.

Our high-tech icons have made a mistake in the way they are developing Artificial Intelligence. Have Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook ever asked themselves a question through their own systems?

I think not because both have still got hair. The rest of us are busy pulling our hair out with the sheer frustration of trying to get an answer to our Facebook or Microsoft problem.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft might as well put their Corporate Offices on the Moon such is the distance they seem to want to create between themselves and the very people who support them.

It is not free to use their systems. They mine our information and make a considerable amount of money by providing our demographics to companies who use it for advertising and marketing.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates may be icons of the high-tech world but when it comes to AI and increasing Internet Security they have persued product development at a rate which has outstripped product security.

These are some suggestions to improve cyber security and I am sure the Industry experts have others.

Both Microsoft and Facebook have developed A.I back to front. We should only have to ask one question and get one answer. They should be using A.I as a filter until the question needs a human answer. What they are doing is using us the people as the filter as we sort through answer upon answer until we may get the correct reply. This would reduce ‘incident knowledge lag’.

There is no 999 system on Facebook or for Microsoft. When we are being hacked we should be able to copy a screenshot for an immediate response. This would also help in tracking down the vermin cybercriminals.

We need locale, type and numbers of incidents which should be publicly displayed.

We need positive I.D verification before we can access the Internet. What is the big deal you do not walk down your High Street with a mask on.

Companies such as Microsoft and Facebook must carry out more though security vetting of their employees. So too those who make our devices.

We must also be a lot tougher on cyber criminals. We know we cannot crush their hands in a vice, chop off their fingers with garden shears or even dip their testicles in acid, but we can increase the legal penalties.

Once convicted they should never again be allowed to use a computer, a mobile phone or the Internet. It is a nasty crime that is also used for the sexual exploitation of children.

The big companies such as Microsoft must become more accessible and accountable. They must provide real-time support for cybercrime and they must stop going public with systems that can be hacked into until they are cybercrime proof. With an industry supported on-line 999 system we can at least start to combine information with which to identity the cyber vermin and provide a response to the victim. This information would help Microsoft to produce a faster response to hacking.

Our Governments particularly the Cameron and Theresa May regimes have done little about arresting U.K based cyber criminals it is time Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg openly criticised the U.K Government for its pathetic enforcement of the law for U.K based cybercriminals.

I have spent nine years writing to improve our World. Soon the criminal events that have stopped me using my work to better the lives of millions of people will end. One of the platforms I intend to use is Facebook; as my service desk. I do not want my work disrupted by mindless criminals who do not care about improving our World. This means I will want better Internet Security. Despite the best efforts of Theresa May and the U.KGOV I intend to make sure I get it.

Unless ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Theresa May and the rest of the U.K Government stop allowing U.K based cyber criminals from committing any crime they want then I will not be the only company going to Europe for my corporate base.

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