UKGOV acting against the Law

The U.K is a permanent member of the U,N Security Council. May and the UK GOV are required by International Law and National Laws to ensure all possible means of achieving Peace and Security to any conflict in the world — this also includes the Senor Officers of the U.K Military. That means ensuring my new ideas for counter terrorism and peace are not deliberately ignored by the UKGOV and the U.K media. I intend, when I have the resources, to charge May, Cameron and the UK GOV including the Opposition and all the U.K Media with endangering the lives of those my work could have helped. In so doing they have caused the deaths and suffering to all those who would have benefited from my work on counter terrorism, the United Nations and disaster systems and new Economic Theory., May and Cameron have,with full knowledge of my work, which presents new ideas not currently in use by any Government or Organisation, deliberately taken such actions so as to ensure my work is unable to be developed and put into use.Their actions witnessed by the whole world are disgusting and shameful acts of the dereliction duty they are so entrusted to carry out. They have a statutory responsibility by law to do all they can to provide Peace and alleviate suffering. It is made worse by the known public fact they they do not have the new ideas and systems that I have developed. Never in the history of the United Kingdom have two persons so willfully and in Public ignored their duty to both the people of the United Kingdom and those who live their lives in fear and suffering everyday. Their example to young people from the U.K and the World, of how a Government can conspire against one person who has the ability to help those whose need is at its most urgent, is one that History will never forget. They have no defence. They do not have the ideas they I have developed. They have made no effort to ensure my ideas are put into use. Cameron and May have used Public bodies to intimidate and harass me. Three times in 3 years I have been referred for an assessment of my Mental Health — each time to be told there is nothing wrong with me. The media never report me or my work, and their censorship is carried out with the full knowledge of May and Cameron. I will be seeking a full Police investigation into their actions. Share to world Thanks