The U.S. Needs To Retire Daylight Savings Time And Just Have 19 Time Zones — Nine Minutes Apart
The Awl

Great fun read. Thanks. On the subject of eliminating DST, instead of eliminating it we should in fact double it.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day we should have Double DST, in effect giving us 2 weeks of extra vacation, an hour at time. By moving the clock forward yet another hour, we’d have an extra hour of daylight to enjoy each day all summer. That equates to over 100 hours of extra daylight, akin to getting over two weeks of extra vacation, one hour at a time.

This can work; it was done during WWII in Britain. As for the value of the extra hour of daylight, you’d “get it” if you ever lived on the western edge of wide time zone — like Michigan or Galway. It’s great to have the sun set very late each evening.

But, alas, our politicians will never have the guts to implement this.

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