White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

I agree that Trevor Noah did let Tomi get away with more things than he could have, letting certain dangerous words/ “facts”, and other of her claims slide by, but I hardly think that it is because he himself is lacking in comprehension as much as the author of that blog puts forward. Also, yea… this wasn’t some fair debate where both sides are making their argument about civil-minded topics, but look: Trump won, MANY people in America agree with some of these ideas (ones like Tomi argues for).

Sure, trump’s win is arguably due to various factors, not just exactly over 1/2 the country voting for him, but I don’t see why it’s bad to like the fact that ppl who have sway with the opinions of so many, are having a talk. The internet has become such a major factor in political opinions, and we all get trapped in our bubbles right? So why hate on the first steps towards shortening the range between those bubbles? If you watch the full interview, and you’re not someone who is usually exposed to what happens on Tomi’s show, then now you are a bit more familiar. Same goes for ppl who’d never watch the daily show but saw some of what is discussed on it due to this attempt at any kind of collaboration.

Plus why title it that white people love how this played out? Yeah, those who watched this debate looking for validity in Tomi’s words might have thought they found it because Trevor didn’t engage/ critique her on everything that she brought up, but they also saw where she couldn’t catch herself and where her “logic” fell short. A lot of people probably liked watching this interview, people of all sorts of backgrounds. How do you know that, of the viewers, the white ones were the one group that blindly clapped for any sort of talk between opposing forces of comedy news?