Severn United Methodist Church Boosts School and the Aged

By Desmond Tunde Coker

Sylvester Ladi Campbell handing over donations to the school and the Aged

The Severn United Methodist Church based in the United State of America on Friday March 31, donated some pads, expression Instrument, used clothing and associated items to the King George VI Home of the aged.

The Church also donated some school materials including, bags, pencils, pens, and crayons etc. to a non-formal school in Kissy Dock Yard in Freetown

Making the donation, a representative of the Severn Church, Sylvester Ladi Campbell said the donation is help from pastor Daryl Foster, Raven Gregregy Mcneil, Mr. & Ms. Ann-Shiner, and a host of other within the Methodist Church in the United State of America.

cross section of the aged at the Home

He recognized the support of David Evan, Home Depo, members of the Delmont Methodist Church, members of the Wilson Memorial Methodist Church, Mr. Ken Preacher, Yvonne Danel, and Ms Audrey Pbs Garnon etc

He said that the main purpose of the donation is to help poor Sierra Leonean children and the elderly who are suffering and cannot be taken care of.

“This is not the first time the Severn United Methodist Church is helping less privileged children and the aged in the country,” he said.

Students at the Informal school listen to Good advice by Mr. Campbell

He added that the donation is part of their charity of helping the poor and needy in Sierra Leone.

He said that asa member of the church he aided the donation to come to Sierra Leone. He said that last year he made similar donation the aged.

Mr. Campbell said the items will be of great help to our mothers, fathers and children who want to be somebody in the future, adding that they will do more in other to see that they continue to improve the life of our fathers, mother and children in the country.

Receiving the donation behalf of the aged, Lanasna Amara, the Home Manager, thanked those who have contributed towards this donations. He said that he has been informed that this is not the first time such donation is coming from this church.

Mr. Amara called on other well meaningful Sierra Leonean to do likewise in supporting the Home of the aged.

In addition Mr. Campbell said last year he visited the non-formal school at Kissy Dock Yard and observed the children sweating in the class because the classroom was built with zinc.

“I had to use that to solicit some help. Plywood and other school materials were given to him for onward transmission to the school,” he said.

He added that if the donated items are used for the intended purposes they work towards provide solar panel for the school.

Special thanks to all those who supported this trip to Sierra Leone

Receiving the donations, the chief of the community Ya Alimamy expressed thanks to Mr. Campbell for choosing her community for such donation. She promised to monitor the donation to ensure that they are used for the intended purposes. She said that these kids are vulnerable kids who have lost their parents.

Place of the Aged