A Truly Fancy Bear:
Dale Beran

Lets demand a Manual Recount of Bipartisan Selected Wisconsin Counties and an inspection of the Computer code used in Wisconsin to investigate a potential Russian hack that may have dramatically changed the result. This could be the tip of an iceberg that prevents the beginning of the end of Democracy as we know it!


1.Polls in Wisconsin showed Hillary with a significant lead within one week or less of the election My calculated odds of the good polls being that far off are greater than 1 in 100 MILLION based on the largest Poll (Remington) and considering polling in adjacent states that was largely within the margin of error which demonstrates model correctness. A respected poll has never been that far off in modern polling history.


2.Voter turnout in Wisconsin was reported to be at 20 year lows yet Absentee Ballot voter turnout was 98% DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?


3.Exit Polls in many swing states INCLUDING WISCONSIN prior to post election weighting showed Clinton with a sizable lead My Calculated odds of Trump winning North Carolina were greater than 1 in ONE MILLION based on the exit polling. Analysis in other swing states show low likelihood of reported result.


4.Russian interference in US Election is now well documented This has never happened in any election in my memory.


5.The Russians attacked the US Election System Shortly Before the Election This happened before in September but never before that to my knowledge.


Do we really need more evidence before we would want to at least run a cursory check of the integrity of our vote. This is not a democratic or a republican thing, This is not anti-Trump. Please Please appreciate — Trump today maybe George Soros tomorrow. Russia today maybe a terrorist network in 2020. The election of Donald Trump was a one in a million event.

With hacking into our election system well documented to not even suspect foul play is naive and dangerous. I have no doubt Donald Trump suspects this.

We owe it to those who have given there lives for this country to defend the integrity of our Democracy with the same vigor as they fought. I only pray that if I was a Trump supporter I would still be demanding this.

This is our choice America! Keep our Democracy or cede in to the top hacker.

If you are willing to stand up and fight for our Democracy please pass along lets get the word out.

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