Assignment 1

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers:
  • Their website isn’t very original, which is fine, I guess. It’s the basic scroll navigation. It opens up to a link to watch their latest music video, which is currently “Sick Love.” And if you keep scrolling, you see tour dates, merchandise, music, and etc… All the basics an artist/band has. It’s nothing too special. The only thing that is cool or different about it is that it has a bee crawling across the screen the whole time you are scrolling through.
  • For being as old as they are, they are all in their 40s and 50s, they use social media to their advantage — which is honestly a little surprising to me. They are very active on all platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The only issue is that it’s not very personalized. It’s a lot of the same stuff… The setlist for the next show, pictures of them on stage from the night before, and etc.. It’s not behind the scenes or fan connecting in anyway, or a very small amount, if there is any.

2. The Lumineers:

  • Again, their website it fairly basic. The first thing you see is the music video for “Angela,” which is off of their most recent album, Cleopatra. Then you keep scrolling and you see some merchandise, specifically geared toward their new album.. Then it’s tour dates. But if you scroll back to the top, there is a button that says “enter website.” So if you click on that, it’s more blog-ish, which is super cool. They have stories and reviews written about them, you have their bios, more music, links to their social media, and etc.. So it has all the basic necessities and it’s fits their aesthetic perfectly.
  • Their presence on social media is fairly scarce… Which isn’t the best thing ever. But The Lumineers haven’t really been around a super long time. But that social media presence is pretty crucial today. It says on their facebook that they haven’t made a post since September of 2016… So it’s been a minute. But at least their website is pretty up to date.