Elianna DeSota
Jun 30 · 2 min read

Hey again,

Thanks for keeping up the dialog! To your comment —

You seem pretty convinced that the bible is nothing but ignorant sputterings by a mad group of uneducated nobodies.

I get that, without seeing an arc many of the things you mentioned don’t make sense out of context, or even in context. But that doesn’t change how Christianity has altered the world. Contrary to the idea that Christians believe they only need to pray to Jesus for medical care, the church was the first hospital. The ancient church was made up of scholars who gave you medical care, literature, food, and shelter. The first modern scientists were believers. Christianity was the basis for modern scholarship and isn’t just a gaggle of blubbering spiritualists.

As for the bible on the round earth and on women’s rights. Much of the bible is just history. If the world hadn’t figured out the earth was a sphere or that women were equal, why would the bible have? And even in this, ‘the bible doesn’t believe women should have equal rights,’ the bible does a much better job of documenting women’s part in moving the narrative forward than even science has hundreds of years after the bible was written.

I’m not trying to argue the bible is perfect. It isn’t. I am not trying to argue religion is perfect. It certainly isn’t. I refuse to argue that Christians are perfect. They sure as hell aren’t. What I would like to say, however, is that what the religion has done over the years isn’t irrelevant and shouldn’t be dismissed as such.

I am not an officially religious person. I think religion more often than not misses the point it is trying to study and emulate. At the same time, it is unfair to characterize something as it is not, and for me, it is not what you say it is.

Once again, thanks so much for sharing! I love being forced to think about what I believe and this comment was a tough one to work through.


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