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Jun 30 · 2 min read

Hey Larry —

Thanks for leaving a thoughtful response! As you said, it hasn’t convinced me, and I thought I should give you an idea of why —

For me, the evidence such as rising global temperatures, rapid melting of polar ice caps, and wide-spread ecosystem instability are enough to show that at least some of the predictions scientists are making are coming true. And if even half of what they say will come to pass, that’s still not a great world to live in and it’s something worth paying attention to.

I do cede this point however, science is always changing. I can see how when you were a kid the tune people were playing about the next ice age doesn’t fit in with today’s fear of Earth scorched by the sun and flooded with high seas. After all, that’s what science does, it tests a theory until it is shown to be wrong. So far, there is a lot of evidence that suggests people might be on the right track with the idea of greenhouse gasses and ozone layer depletion.

Finally, even if all this evidence is entirely fake and science happens to somehow disprove something that seems so real and supported, what’s the worst that can happen? We have now reduced carbon emissions, something we know can be harmful to our lungs, and we have wrestled people into caring about the creation we live in — not a bad end result.

Just thought I’d share my bit in return. Thanks again for giving me a bit of your view into this issue — it is crazy to learn that just a couple years ago people were sure we were going into an ice age!


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