How to fix bad credit after having been out of your job

Nelson Bay, NSW: It’s good to know that you have finally landed on a new job after months of searching. However, the bad news is that while you were on the hunt of a new job, you maxed out all your credit cards, paying for basic necessities, or maybe missed a payment on your mortgage, or even missed out paying some bills. If this is true, then the matter is serious for your financial status, because it can take a serious hit at your credit score.

Nevertheless, there are some credit repair advices that can come in handy for you. Especially if previously you were regular with credit card payments, but due to being out of a job you had to max out your cards to pay the bills, then the present time is the best to start paying down those balances using your new source of income.

A quick way to increase your credit score is to reduce credit card balances to 25% or less of whatever your available credit is? But then, “What about blemishes on your credit report?” you think. Well, there is a very good chance that the late payment on your credit report is a mistake, because the truth is that 1 out of 10 credit scores were inaccurate. So, as a consumer you can always improve your credit to a large extent by ensuring that the information on your report is correct. But then if the credit problems are real, which means that you actually did go through a foreclosure or a default and this what you need to do to improve your credit score.

Once you have the new job and your first pay-check in hand, resolve to pay all your bills on time. With the passage of time, old credit problems have less and less of an impact on your score.

Open a secured credit card. It will ensure that your credit score never goes down.

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