Art Fair Philippines: An Experience

Visiting the Art Fair.

Perhaps, it is true that art is in everywhere. As I woke up in the morning until going to sleep, I saw art and I was glad that some artists came up the idea to have an Art Fair event. Maybe it is their way to make people appreciate art and to show the value of art.

Artesan Gallery + Studio “TRANSCEND”

Abducted Stitch, Abducted Patrick, Abducted Martian


Abducted Mickey, Abducted Daisy

Abducted Astroboy

Abducted Spongebob, Abducted Yoshi

Abducted Mario

Abducted Donald, Abducted Minnie

Among the 40 galleries, the Artesan gallery was the one that was really captivating for me. The gallery exhibited 12 paintings by Eliezer John Cabangon which he created with the use of oil on canvas. The paintings recall the artist’s early childhood spent watching television immersed with popular cartoon characters. I like the idea of how the artist delivered his message.

At first, what I saw in the paintings was an unenjoyable childhood days because the paintings were all a picture of a cartoon characters in black and white color. No color, it likes it doesn’t have life. Until I knew that the paintings are products of an abduction strategy and considering the artist’s age, I realized that maybe the artist wants to tell us that the childhood ways before is now slowly vanishing in the minds of people as time goes by. A melting pot of the past. Because technology is rapidly developing, gadgets and new types of games are slowly replacing the childhood ways before that in fact, most of what is trend now corrupted young minds and somehow has a bad influence to them. The paintings became an abstract form of this generation abducting the childhood ways and characters before. In his artwork, Cabangon has morphed chastity and virtue into ravished and violated.

Fair Isle by Martha Atienza

Looking at every artworks in the Art fair, there was an artwork by Martha Atienza that caught my attention. It is an HD video of sea. I was engaged because the concept of the artwork is somehow familiar to me. As I watched the HD video, what I saw was a peaceful and quiet place where you can only hear is the sound of waves and splashing water reminding me of our province, Batanes and then suddenly, I remembered the times when I used to walk or just sit in the seaside if I think that I need to refresh my mind.

Artworks by Mark Justiniani

Wondering what is inside, we entered the special exhibit by Mark Justiniani. I was really amazed of what I saw. The artworks were all made of LEDs reflective media and objects. Here, the artist’s style made an illusion of infinity. The artworks was not familiar to me but was really phenomenal. As I’m trying to figure out how tge artist made it, I remembered that if we try to put an object between two mirrors, what we will see in both mirror is the infinite figure of the object because it kept on reflecting but I was still confuse of how Justiniani made it. I can tell this was my favorite artwork so far.

It was my first time to attend the Art Fair and it was truly remarkable experience for me. I had so much fun going to the event. I enjoy and I learned as well. Yes, tiring but for me, the art fair is worth to attend. The art fair was so colorful that made it not boring for the people who came to see it. It refreshed the mind of every visitors and also engaged them to art. Actually I spent my weekends with some of my blockmates and having gone there for two consecutive days, I can say that I would look forward to attending for the next art fair.