“I consider movies as an art. For me, the movie, Heneral Luna is worth watching for because its message is truly engaging”.

As a viewer, perhaps I was not able to get the exact message that the director wanted to convey; but obviously, the movie is about the willingness of our Filipino ancestors who fought and willingly sacrificed for the country. In particular, Heneral Antonio Luna, the main character, was depicted as the nationalistic leader of the Filipino soldiers. Here, the filmmakers were able to create a character somehow similar to us, something which we can relate for. The author wanted us to show the true meaning of patriotism. Selflessness and fearlessness as well were represented very well by General Luna, but the problem was that the government lacked in unity, causing him to face more formidable enemy than the American army; which was in fact his own treacherous countrymen. The movie shows how selfishness and having no collective unity and loyalty in the society greatly affects the country. The movie reminds us of the sacrifices and the blood wasted, just to achieve the freedom and independence that we have long been aspiring for.

The film is engaging because the author makes it realistic for it to become convincing for the viewers. The scenarios are naturally implied to Filipino people’s characteristic before, one of which was depicted was that they did not mind to use vulgar words. Moreover, the movie is not depicted too poetic so the generations are able to relate. The film is also not boring so the viewers are interested to watch it.

The movie fulfilled the functions of art for it can be a commemoration to Antonio Luna because the movie showed its viewers of his patriotism and heroism. It emphasized the history of our country under the jurisdiction of then President Emilio Aguinaldo as General Luna lead the Philippine army for the freedom of our country. It also shows the political hierarchy in his time. Watching the film, it expands our knowledge about our history and at the same time it is also entertaining.

The way how the director created the film is fascinating. Here, the director and his team blend humor and war, making it more interesting and not boring. I am not usually the person fascinated with historical movies but the film Heneral Luna helps me to appreciate more of this types of movies and also to study our country’s history. It made me think that there is something behind the war more than what we know and what has been told us. The way they give flavor to the characters is amazing since they act just like the typical Filipinos. There are lots of lines that is truly remarkable for Filipinos, like what Luna had said, “Negosyo o kalayaan, Bayan o sarili, Pumili ka!” and figurative lines like “Nasubukan mo na bang huliin ang hangin?”.

In the movie, there was this young man named Joven Hernandez, Jr, who served as the narrator in the movie. With his character, understanding the film was made easier. However, after watching the movie twice, it makes me puzzled out why the General keeps on protecting him in the middle of the war. I mean, is it really important for the General to keep him safe just for the interview? Looking at this matter, I think that he [Joven] represents new generations, us. Antonio Luna strives to gain the freedom of our country and to win the war against foreign colonizers not only for them, but for the succeeding generations as well. But whoever Joven represents, his character makes the movie flow smoothly.

I am really impressed with the movie. The unique perspective and idea of the filmmaker, the way the artists brought their character, and all of the style they used in making such a beautiful movie, truly caught the attention of the viewers. It is just that, I got disappointed about the unexpected unhappy ending. I mean, why some of the Filipino before, kill the General instead of just being open and cooperative. Its ending was also unclear but being unclear makes the viewers to create and imagine their own ending based from their understanding.