Is living-in now a good idea because ‘it’s 2017’? A Reply To Nadine Lustre
Anna Cosio

You just made a freaking mountain out of a molehill! Nadine’s point was that it’s 2017, and people should be able to stop meddling in other people’s businesses. It’s Nadine’s life, she should be able to make decisions for herself. She does not owe anybody an explanation for either living in with James or not. That’s why she said to have an open mind. If her relationship turns out to be a failure in the end, then let her learn from her mistakes.

It’s just not right to use research to back up your claims because you want to impose your values, ideals or beliefs on someone. Researches can be used to generalize, but you should know that not all generalizations are accurate, objectively speaking. Also, most of the researches you brought up are outdated. Not a single one was done here in the Philippines to represent the Filipino culture and population. Is that how desperate you are just to prove your point?

It’s 2017, and by now you should know that as a Christian, you should correct someone in a loving way if you want to stand up for what you think is right. Headline pa lang nakaka-condemn na. You should know better! Ganda sana ng point mo kaso mali pag-execute mo. Hays. Kaya mas marami nang na-o-off sa religion mo kasi di kayo marunong mag-disciple. You guys are just disrespectful, inconsiderate and self-righteous individuals who think they know better.