The hype is real: Name changes are here
Emily Halpin

I have a couple questions. When we were given the opportunity to reactivate old user accounts that were deleted (not banned), I activated one that I would like to stream on (in the future) but since I couldn’t transfer the subscription stats I decided not to use it. Is it possible to change my current name to my old name if I re-delete the old account or in some other way? It was reactivated in the last 12 months. Also, if I change the name, I will still have my current subscriptions that will stay? Is the exporting options only for streamers, not viewers? I have a subscription for almost 2 years and don’t want to lose it. Another question off topic, I’ve been searching for an answer for a while. Do you know how can I make emoticons rain when subscribing or donating like I’ve seen so many people doing? I’ve probably been searching the wrong terms. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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