Essential Oils- What I Wish I Knew

New to Oils? Tips for Beginning Essential Oils (Also known as “What the MLM companies won’t tell you!”)

A quick list of a few things I wish I was told before I used any essential oils-

  • Dilute, Dilute, Dilute- essential oils are incredibly strong and can cause skin sensitivities. If in doubt, use less- you can add more later if needed.

• Internal usage of essential oils is very controversial and should only be done under the advice or your doctor. They are all natural but can adversely affect any other medications you may be taking. Caution is key here.

• Oils work differently for each person- what works great for 1 may not be the answer for the next. Some trial and error may be needed to get the effect you are looking for.

• Common applications for oils include putting into roller ball bottles with fractionated coconut oil. The number of drops used depends on the end user- usually no more than 10 drops of oil per 10ml roller bottle is needed. Less is More!!

• For children, elderly, and pregnant women- do your research and use cautiously. I personally would never use undiluted oils on a child- they are too strong. A great website for reference is

• If you don’t have a diffuser, you can easily get the same results by putting distilled water in a glass spray bottle, add a few drops of your essential oil, shake and spray. Can be used on linens, as a room spray, perfume, first aid spray, and more. Make small batches and use quickly or add a preservative.

• Citrus oils can break down certain types of plastic. To permanently store your blends and recipes, you need essential oil quality bottles or use HDPE, Plastic 1 (PETE) or Plastic 2 bottles.

Full disclaimer- I own an essential oil and aromatherapy jewelry company. You can view my store here or just take my info and run. After getting burned by a mlm company literally (straight peppermint on the temples is not pleasant) I wanted to get correct information out there. So I started my own company. Now I buy my own oils.