5 for 5: Disney’s Zootopia and Fried Chicken

Trial number one

At my mom’s house, we spend Sundays pretty much the same way every week. We go to church, eat a good meal, watch a movie or watch the Cowboys play, and visit family. Last Sunday the movie of choice, because my mother had not seen it yet, was Disney’s Zootopia. I absolutely loved this movie the first time I saw it. As an adult, I found there was so much to take and learn from it. The kid within was also entertained and laughed healthily. There was action and suspense; it was a well-rounded movie. Maybe I was inspired by the many positive and uplifting messages from Disney’s Zootopia, because I decided to make my first attempt at frying some chicken breasts with the auto-immune protocol approved ingredients. Here are 5 lessons learned from this Sunday challenge and movie. Everyone should see the movie for themselves so I will not spoil it but I will tell you the main character is a small female bunny rabbit named Judy Hops from a small country town where her family owns a farm. Judy moves to the big city Zootopia to work as a police officer. She has to work against many odds to prove she is a real cop.

1. Quitting is not an option

I could easily get me some Crisco shortening, some enriched and bleached white flour, my secret spices, and Cajun seasonings and make me some bomb fried chicken. That would be cheating. Delicious and tasty cheating, but cheating still. To me, cheating is quitting. Judy said, “I do not know when to quit.”

We all should have this quality. Never quit. As delicious as my fried chicken would be if I made it how I was taught growing up; I would not benefit nutritionally from eating it. I am on a mission to create a healthy, fine, and strong body. Judy was on a mission to become a real cop who made a difference in people’s lives. She did not give up and I did not drive to Cane’s or Rudy’s.

2. Only Fear Fear

Every time I go to the kitchen to create something I get a little nervous. I do not follow recipes. I might find one I like and use the ingredients and put my own twist on it. I do not follow the amounts listed. Often I add or remove ingredients. This riskiness with the food causes me to be nervous about how it might come out. When I cook for others I get scared they might not like what I create. Honestly, I remember the first time I ever created something in the kitchen. I could not have been more than six and they let me make a soup. I remember using a can of cream of mushroom and some potatoes. I was so scared I did not even try it. They all ate it.

In Disney’s Zootopia Judy quoted a very well-known quote and that is, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This message is so powerful. Especially in the world, we live in today. We should not be afraid to do anything. I should not be afraid to fry some healthy chicken. I knew going in that I might not like the chicken. It would be different and different is what can be scary.

3. Tomorrow I love you Tomorrow

Annie sang it and Judy spoke the same message, “Tomorrow is another day.” The reason we should only fear fear itself is that even if we fail, we can try again. Failure is not the end of the road. If I burn my chicken then I will be eating burnt chicken today but tomorrow, God willing, I will live to fry again. Should the seasoning not be as I wanted it and it taste extra bland. I will try another combination of seasonings. Going back to never quitting. I do not think that I can live without fried chicken in my life. I do not know if y’all know this but I am half black. We like chicken. Do not judge me.

4. Emotional Stability

Again, hypothetically speaking of course, should I burn my chicken there would be no need to throw the frying pan at the wall. That would be a pretty good indicator that I am emotionally unstable. I should not cry either because well it is just chicken. If my guests do not like the way my fried chicken taste it should not send me into a depression. Judy acquires an accomplice on her mission. He is a fox and he shares with Judy, “Never let them see that they get to you.”

We must keep our emotions in check. This is something I have struggled with in the past. At times I can maintain my cool but there have been moments where I did some crazy things due to my emotions being so unstable. My friends and family can attest. I will just go ahead and apologize to everyone who has witnessed these unstable emotions in living color. Forgive me.

5. Be Kind

Pay it forward. Judy was kind and she paid the kindness shown to her forward. Because she paid it forward blessings always came back to her. When we are blessed we should be a blessing to others. I have been blessed with a disease that has caused me to become more conscientious of nutrition and what I put into my body. That is reason enough to share what I learn so that someone else who is going through or might go through what I am will have hope.

So how did my chicken come out?

Well, I did not burn it. I actually liked the flavor. I seasoned it with Tarragon, and thyme on the actual chicken breast themselves. I mixed garlic salt and cinnamon in with the coconut flour and tapioca starch for the breading. Fried them in coconut oil. The only thing I did not like was they were not crunchy enough. I failed in the crunch department.

Next time. =]

Never give up. Step into fear. Remember there is always another day to try again. Keep your emotions in check. Be a blessing to someone else.

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