Day 24: 60 Letters of Gratitude

New Orleans, Louisiana
“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” — Epictetus

Dear Raquel,

Thank you for being a true friend. There are very few people that I know I can count on and you are one of them. It has always boggled me how we could cross paths so many times yet not formally meet each other until the fortunate yet unfortunate event that was Polo Cinco. Thank you for trusting me and riding back with me even though my driving is crazy and you barely knew me.

Thank you for having great discernment when it comes to people. Thank you for always knowing when it is time to go and never wasting another minute of your time or any more of your energy. We have avoided more trouble than we got into thanks to this. Thank you for taking care of me when like a fool I had entirely too much alcohol for my little body that one terrible night in Nacogdoches. Thank you for driving back to Dallas when I was still drunk the next day. Thank you.

Thank you for teaching me that to a certain extent appearance does matter. It is always fun to me to go back and see how much my own personal style has developed and you were definitely a contributing factor in that growth. Thank you. Thank you for showing me a billion make-up and hair tricks. I am so lucky to have known you in the beginning stages of your make-up career because I got to learn with you. I hear your voice in my head every time I do my make-up. Thank you. Thank you for being a solid roommate, again you kept me out of trouble so many times. Thank you.

Thank you for always having big dreams it helped me to maintain vision of my own dreams and not give up. Thank you for going off on those people when we worked for spirit, I will never forget how you stood up for yourself and what you felt was right. Thank you for always knowing what you want and going after it. Your determination and work ethic are truly admirable qualities. Thank you.

Thank you for eating kool-aid pie with me. Thank you for eating Jack in the Crack funnel cakes. Thank you for eating all the terribly delicious foods we have discovered. Thank you. Thank you for always telling me what you really think about well pretty much everything. Thank you especially for always giving me your thoughts about whoever I am dating even though I always do what I believe is best for me, whether it is or isn’t, I always appreciate that you are willing to share what you feel is best. Thank you.

Thank you for not only being someone I can count on but someone my family can call on as well. I appreciate all the times that you have helped in all the countless ways from doing hair makeup or simply being at the house when we needed you to. Thank you for being a true Diva, a real life hustler. People do not know the struggle. Thank you.

Thank you for putting up with me and being my friend even when my crazy has shown more than a couple of times. You are a true soldier. I am forever grateful for all that you have taught me and continue to teach me. Thank you for being so dagum cool. Thank you for being Roc. I could continue and I probably forgot some things that I wanted to include but for now this is my thank you.



I think if you make the heart green they give you a cookie.

I could be wrong. =]

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