Hashland Metaverse

HashLand has its own metaverse, which mainly includes:



3️⃣and use. The three corresponding products are HashLand NFT, HashLand Market, and HashLand GameFi.

HashLand NFT: Our NFTs all have a unique hashrate mechanism. The first batch of NFTs have both BTC and HC hashrate. The BTC hashrate comes from the real mining farm owned by HashLand. At present, the first batch of NFTs have been sold out, and the second batch of NFTs has HC hashrate. HashLand NFT has a total of five levels, which are synthesized in a four-in-one mode, and there is a certain probability of an additional level. This is friendly to players of all levels. Of course, if you are lucky enough, you can also have a more powerful "HashLand Ultra NFT".

HashLand Market: The most powerful point of our market is that users can trade while mining

HashLand GameFi: This is also the most interesting project on our platform. Our GameFi adopts a reasonable economic model and chooses games with extremely high playability as chain games. I believe this is something that other chain games cannot do. .To date, over 20,000 users have joined our first game, Hash Warfare.⭕️

HC is the governance token of hashland, which exists in BSC🔁. In addition to having the foundation of governance tokens, it can also be used to upgrade HashLand NFT📜; HC can be exchanged for general props in GameFi, which are used to improve the combat power of occupations and 💪complete the game items in circulation. In addition, HC is also used as a reward in the P2E model.

HashLand Official Hassib Nasseri Benjamin Hardy, PhD

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