When Grace Came Down

The Risen King alive in me

That empty grave my victory

Where death was slain, the stone was rolled away

A reflection on the life of Christ, “When Grace Came Down” seeks to highlight the beauty of God incarnate. He came to dwell among us, enduring all the pain of earth and trading His Heavenly Throne for a crown of thorns so that we could have eternal life. It is so easy for us to separate ourselves from the reality of Jesus’ life and trade it in for a mythological idea: We view Jesus as a ‘character,’ and cease to press in to the realism of it all. The reality of Christ’s life on earth is one of great suffering. From being born in a manger to enduring the most horrendous death of His time (on a cross), the life of Jesus was certainly not one of blue skies, miracles, and daisies….

This is what makes the story of Jesus so remarkable:

He loved us so much that He laid down His life so that we could experience eternity in victory.

Let’s take a moment today to thank Jesus for the cross. Let us revel in the glorious resurrection. Let us surrender our lives to the amazing Salvation available in Christ alone.

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