This medium account will be used to document my journey through “Rediscovery”.I say re-discovery because at some point I think I’ve lost myself. I’ve become so wrapped up in looks and the societies perception of me. I was once on this journey were I wanted to be the “best me for me”. Simple term ,but those four words propelled me into a catalysis of change. I set out and worked on ever aspect of my life mind ,body,and spirit. I began to workout and meditate and journal the combination of these three things changed my outlook. I was reading and expressing myself through different art forms. I picked up painting and that was it that was the release I needed. I found what I’ve been chasing I was happy ! I hadn’t felt that way ever. As I kid I struggled with depression and self hate. I couldn’t see beyond my circumstances,I walked through life with a mask on. On the outside I was Destiny the scholar,the funny goofball,with a bright future. In the inside I was a hurt little girl who never felt her emotions. I was hurt deep inside I kept it bottled up and it showed . It wasn’t until I began to change,grow and learn to feel my emotions that I was able to heal. This journey transpired in college the place I like to call my stomping grounds. I was growing and evolving everyday and I love the women I had become. She was vibrant, passionate, and innovative. Goal driven nothing could stop her. 7months post graduation ive lost her. Now I don’t think I’ll get the same destiny but I want that fire that passion back. We grow we change I get that,but I’ve lost something and I want to find it. So through this blog I’ll post things that I’m doing to get that Destiny back. I’m starting with Mind,Body and Soul again!