Destroy Rat’s Bold New Brand

by a rat, Founder & CEO of Destroy Rat

We’ve got exciting news to share today — Destroy Rat has a new look!

At Destroy Rat, we think of our brand as a continuous project that’s never totally done. Just as regular rodents evolve into toxic-waste-eating rodents, so do brands. We’ve grown ours over many years through gnawing through electrical cables, pooping in basements, maintaining a unique culture, and carrying the plague.

As we continue to expand our areas of focus to all aspects of the rat experience in our core product offerings, as the Destroy Rat family, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

Today, we’re taking a bold step forward with a new logo and identity system for Destroy Rat and our products.

This marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to help you, our customers, achieve a trendy, minimalist lifestyle by discarding all of your possessions and well-being upon discovering we have been living in your homes. Thank you for inspiring us!

The Destroy Rat logo

At the heart of this rebrand is our core focus on minimalism (and we’re not talking about our size). We believe when consumers buy products, they almost immediately toss them aside and forget about them. We’ve infused this idea into our business model so that we can help to move your purchases into landfills almost as quickly as you put them in your living spaces. We rarely work in the open, preferring the cover of night, but we still manage to tear down any and all barriers, silos, and pantry doors.

We’ve built this belief into our logo, focusing on the specific enlightenment we want our customers to feel when they have only the things they need around them. Did you really need this? When have you ever taken this out of its box? I don’t even know what this is. The Destroy Rat difference is that we understand that you will buy these things. But we also understand that you don’t actually want them.

At the end of the day, I’m proud of the end result of our efforts. Like us, you may notice important symbolism in the new Destroy Rat logo. We wanted to capture our zen ideals in helping you reach a sacredness of self by allowing us to hold that standard to none of your worldly possessions.

Here it is!

New Logo

And for the curious: the earliest version of the Destroy Rat logo, which I “created” in 1347, was inspired by the Greek word “loimos”, and the incredible example of minimal human life that it represents.

Old Logo

Starting today, you’ll see these exciting changes out in the wild, and gradually in your homes and offices over the coming months.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey!