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The future of iOS design?

Sweating the details of iOS 7

“Completely flat,” “Like Android,” “Microsoft-flat,” etc., etc., etc.

Single-use Social Media

We are managing and curating our online identities rather more carefully these days due in part to the publicization of individual privacy concerns and the fear of…

Bigger is better… life in the age of the phablet.

So, with pre-orders for the Nexus 6 starting this week, the Google offering in the ‘phablet’ space, I was thinking about this larger…

Android Popup & Dialog UI

Now we’re talking.

I was reminded with the release of Mailbox for Android of some screenshots of popups I’ve been collecting since January. Amongst all the many details and improvements which have been progressing across native KitKat and 3rd party Android apps, one of the things that has struck me is the popup UI improvements.

Linked smart objects

or: In Which Our Hero Falls A Little Bit More In Love With Adobe Photoshop CC

At my work we have long used Smart Objects as a way of keeping complexly structured files reasonably simple but still retaining editability. One of the best examples of this that I can share is within our marketing documents and product images.

Well, colour me indecisive.

Using brand colouring for the Android Action Bar.

One of the things that particularly stood out for me regarding the new iOS 7 design style has been the use of bold brand colours for the navigation bars. It’s been made possible, and more appealing, by the move to flat colour and the transparent (or removable) status bar in the new OS…

Android 4.4 — what next?

What flavour will KitKat be?

After the side-step from the rumoured name of Key lime Pie, what other surprises can we expect from Google’s…

Design going forwards.

How iOS 7 affects the world of UI design.

Now that we’ve start to let the neon stylings of iOS 7 settle in after 10 days, I wanted to offer my thoughts on how I see this affecting design and on what they’ve done.

Jony Ive has completely flattened out the UI of iOS which was traditionally ‘skeuomorphic’ (read as ‘covered in…

God damn it Jony.

or How Apple tried to outdesign Google at their own game… and failed?!

So. That was a bit of a fucking surprise.

I don’t think anybody thought they would actually take it that far but I guess part of me is impressed they’ve had the cojones to push it in such an opposite direction to one that so many Apple-devotees are used…

WWDC 2013: Why design matters.

Design makes the difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight. Giles Peyton-Nicoll

The future of iOS design?

Sweating the details of iOS 7

“Completely flat,” “Like Android,” “Microsoft-flat,” etc., etc., etc.