Engage HDB interior design Singapore to transform dull rooms into tasteful living space

Most residents who live in HDB blocks firmly believe that their interiors cannot be changed because it is conformed to the standards of the house development board, hence not changeable. Changing or altering the design may invite the wrath of authorities and they may have to pay heavy fines or other penalties. Some of their belief may be true, because these dwellings are apartments and share common utility areas. You will find no extra space where you can expand your vision and design, because you will be either occupying common space or stepping on the toe of the neighbor. With HDB interior design Singapore you will not face these issues because they will furbish your old living space with interior design elements that will not violate the rules and regulations abiding the HDB contract.

Create useful new space within the existing unused space

When you make changes in side your home that are done without doing damage to the basic structure, the neighbor or public space is not encroached or harmed. The HDB interior design Singapore will carefully chalk out design features that will easily fit into the existing space without adding or subtracting the available space. The design will create more utility space and subtract unused space which obviously will go into the former. Building racks and shelves on your four walls or adding a chandelier to the existing ceiling is not going to violate HDB norms but will enhance the beauty of the otherwise dull and drab interior. Living in housing board blocks may be boring because you see the same walls, stairs, utility spaces and rooms. You also bathe in the same dull bathrooms without the modern fixtures and fittings or appliances. You also cook in the same kitchen which is bereft of modern cooking ranges, overhead shelves, efficient back splash resistant tile surfaces, under the counter cabinets and easily accessible accessory stands.

Integrate contemporary elements to make life interesting

The HDB interior design Singapore will integrate all the contemporary interior design elements into the HDB home without disturbing the layout and add beauty and attraction, so inhabitants spend more time there. Life can be pretty dull in these living spaces because these are constructed by government or housing boards to provide low economy housing that the lower middle and middle income group could afford. Of course the house will have all the basic amenities but will not have a fancy shower head or a jet speed faucet in the kitchen sink. By tastefully decorating the house with contemporary interior design elements into the home you can create and live your own little paradise and pass life happily. Modern architecture and interior design emphasize maximum space utility and accordingly integrate lifestyle amenities into small space and make it look big for the benefit of the residents.

Much research goes on within the brain trust of HDB interior design Singapore and they employ experts to explore ways to beautify conventional spaces into futuristic designs so they offer maximum convenience and comfort. If you live in HDB housing and find life dull don’t hesitate to ask your neighborhood or local interior designer who is specialized in converting the modest HDB housing into trendy life spaces.

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