I started the UX/UI Design Bootcamp with Ironhack on October 14th and for the first-week project, I was lucky enough to be in the same group with Duygu Kaban and Anna B. We needed to solve a wicked problem and it was food sovereignty.

Photo by Burak K from Pexels

Project Background

In the last decades, there has been a rise in consciousness on the importance of good nutrition and the responsibility that individuals have to provide themselves with good food. Organic food is not accessible to everyone, being restricted to those who can afford it.

Supermarket chains and other big companies benefit from the organic food market…

Photo by Paul Theodor Oja from Pexels

Time flew by and it was only a few days before the actual Bootcamp with Ironhack started! This was the last design challenge before coding and I would be done with the Prework and ready to pack my bags and went to Berlin!

The challenge was usability evaluation and site redesign as it stated on the title and these were the steps to complete this challenge:

Choosing a User Type

Research destination

Benchmarking travel apps

Testing Users


Redesign Wireframes

User type

Young couple — 20–40 y/o (2)

You and your partner decide to go to a special place next summer. You realize you have both saved enough…

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For my third exercise, I needed to do an analysis of my experience with products or services. I was assigned to pick three of each the worst and the best products or services both offline and online.

Poor UX

I liked to start my list on what was the poor user experience that I encounter so far — that I could think of.

Poor UX1 — DHL

My next challenge was wireframing. For this second challenge, I used the same App that I use on my second exercise, VSCO photo editor. The reason I picked this App was that this was one of the most used App on my phone. I loved traveling and photography, I liked to do simple editing on my phone when I had spare time, I didn’t have dedicated time to actually sit and edit my photos so this App was perfect for a user like myself.

Wireframing is a practice used by UX designers which allows them to define and plan the…

Picture by Lisa Fotios

I could say that digital was more of my liking than hand sketch because I was not a skilled drawer and was already get used to using software like SketchApp and Adobe XD to get my design done. My sketching skill was enough to make an outline for what I wanted to design but definitely not pretty, yet.

For the next exercise, we could use Sketch, it was actually mandatory to use either Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma to mimic our favorite App and transfer it into an editable file on those softwares. …


After finishing my first exercise, I needed to finish the first challenge for the Prework. It was Design Thinking about a company called UrbanGo.

Pic by picjumbo.com

I’m preparing myself for a UX/UI Design Bootcamp right now. I am so excited about the course and before doing the actual Bootcamp, us, student, need to do some Prework exercises and challenges which really interesting and I really am digging it even though I start pretty late because the actual Bootcamp will start in less than a week.

The first exercise that we needed complete was taking visual notes from a Meetup event or a TED Talks. …

Desy Setyowati

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