Major project 2016

Band Poster

Band poster appearing after the click on the area called “band info” on the front page. According to shallow design principles it overlaps all other information to be viewed enlarged and after pressing “go back” button the previouse state of the first screen of the MemoTicket is fully restored.

I made the poster picture looking in my prototype colors with the Photoshop function Gradient Map. Gradient Map colors are: #ff6e40 and #263238.

Poster animation have been adjusted from the ready script:

I made container of the MemoTicket fixed and positioned 20% from the left, the same parameters have overloder and page with big poster, so they all are match in size (container a bit smaller in size, so overloader can cover it without gaps) and position from the left edge of the screen.

position: fixed;
 width: 910px;
 height: 462px;
 top: 188px;
 left: 15%;

I also changed colors of dots, size of the overloader and second page, and “go back” button have been styled according to prototype style.

#goback {
 border: 3px solid #FF6E40;
 transition: 300ms ease-in-out;
 position: fixed;
 padding: 10px;
 display: box;
 width: 90px;
 height: 50px;
 left: 16%;
 #goback:hover {
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