On Alex Chalmers’ decision to resign as co-chair of Oxford University Labour Club
Noni Csogor

“but we take allegations of anti-Semitism in the club very seriously and I will be discussing, with my executive committee, how to deal with the kinds of statements Alex mentions”

Plainly, I’m sorry, but you simply don’t. “Dealing” with them simply drives the underlying cause of the sentiment further behind a facade. Instead of masking the bigotry with transparent statements like “I don’t hate Jews, just Zionists!”, the sentiment is driven further behind political correctness and rhetorical manipulation.

The problem for the club, I imagine, isn’t much different to what wider UK & European communities are facing. There is a very real exogenous force that harbors antisemitism, and ethnoreligious supremacism, as central pillar to their identity & doctrine, and it has settled into the fabric of UK society; the do-gooders and those seeking “social justice” have unwittingly colluded with this ideology and group, behind the guise of justice and equality, and empowered it.

It’s only a matter of time before the progressives realize how badly they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Europe is in the midst of a crisis of faith; it’s finding itself having to choose between the social progressiveness it once thought universally true, and the tribalism that allowed its social progressiveness to function. The end of homogeneity in Europe, unfortunately, has hung those progressive European ideals out to dry. The OULC debacle is simply a symptom of a problem that is much wider, and deeper, than anybody cares to acknowledge.

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