And we’re live!

Detail Films
Feb 24 · 2 min read

I’m super excited to share our funky fresh new look and website with you- cool colour palette right? Sexy yet sophisticated.

Our new website is a place for us to share our latest and greatest work, take you behind the scenes on shoots and generally tell you a more about how we run, how we think, how we create! We’re pretty proud of it all, can you tell?

We’re also ‘unofficially’ launching our Detail Collective. Beyond our core team, our collective is the network of creative talent that we work with including filmmakers, designers, sound engineers and animators. We’re lucky enough to have the most amazing network of freelancers, but are always on the look out for new talent to join our squad. If you want to find more out, head over to our team page.

All of our updates will be coming straight from Medium, so give us a follow to catch our latest updates. If want to see more of what goes into making our films then Instagram is the one for you.

Go on, take a look around.

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