What is Latent?

Anthropogenic consequences, delayed feedback.

Or : Why We Are Not Seeing Worse Things Yet 👀

Humans have passed the point of no return on catastrophe, but the ice has not hit the Tipping Point yet. It will come, and it will be disastrous. Prepare your mind, family. Head for the hills. This will not be linear, this will not be steady. It will be destabilizing. Unstable. Not stable.

When there were no frontiers and the idea of the global economy affecting the planet was seen as ridiculous. We could emit greenhouse gases for free, empty oceans for free, pollute polar regions for free, without risking invoices being sent back from Earth.

“This is no longer the case. In the 1980s the first invoices started coming back — the ozone hole, collapse of fisheries, tipping points in freshwater lakes, accelerated ice melt, shifts in heatwaves and storm patterns.”


81 Calories

Extra Credit Terms: Specific heat, Latent heat, Heat Capacity

A Calorie, in chemistry, is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

It’s just a measure chemists use to standardize things. It’s a standard definition. And the most standard is when the water is already 14.5°C. Going from 14.5 to 15.5 takes one Calorie of heat.

Okay, now, here is where it gets trippy.

At different starting temperatures, even for the same amount of the same substance, different amounts of heat need to be applied to the substance to raise it the same amount.

For a one degree raise in temperature for one gram of water, one calorie is needed, when the initial temp. is 14.5 C!

When we start at, say 0 C, then more heat needs to be applied to raise the temperature enough to make the move from solid ice to liquid water. This is latency.

What I’m saying is, it takes a LOT more heat (81 times more heat) to melt ice than it does to heat already melted water by one degree. It’s not constant. It’s like picking on someone and they don’t react so you don’t feel deterred or dissuaded from picking on them more and then BOOM one day they just fucking *s n a p*!

We aren’t seeing the direct consequences of actions but they are being recorded and there WILL be a reaction that will be opposite and at the very least equally powerful. ← →

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