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Let’s get the lawyers ready. Sessions is taking out his resentment and envy of black men by cowardly targeting of black youth. Let’s see him enforce marijunna laws in white Portland, Denver and Seatle. Let’s see him bring tackle the Opioid epidemic that’s destroying rural America? Let’s see him clean up the Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse that is taking so many American lives. Let’s see him fill the prison with the rampant white collar criminals at Well Fargo and on Wall Street, the ones bankrupting the country? Let’s STOP and FRISK at the sorority and fraternity houses and the nation’s party schools. I guarantee you they will confiscate plenty of illegal drugs? If his aim is to attack the black community through the guise of law enforcement then he needs to know that ruining the lives of poor people doesnt mean that he ruins the lives of all black people. White people are worst than their ancestors. Should be ashamed but it’s ruthless now.

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