Be Our Guest

What’s a fire,
What’s the word, burn?
How does being gay matter?
It shouldn’t matter.
But I make it matter.
And that is bad.
I shouldn’t think about identity anymore.
I should just think about my human identity.
I have flesh and bones, just like everyone else.
Perceived identity destroys people.
Sure, people can relate, but wouldn’t it be better to relate to new people,
regardless of what they are.
What is race?
Why is my experience common?
Because there are so many other people.
My problems aren’t unique. 
Other people experience what I’m experience.
Even if I don’t meet them,
I know they exist.
And I hope they get through the pain.
I’m working through the pain.
I should say that I worked through most of the pain
Pain and hardships won’t go away.
Pain is continuous
But sometimes, we have less
Other times, we have more.
At all times, be kind to others.
Be kind to yourself.
Someone cares about you.
Even if it is only yourself.
That is enough. 
Be happy.
Be kind.
Be creative.
Enjoy what you have.
I have to remember that.
Remember to grow
And always be grateful.

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