Tell me if they talk about suicide in Navajo
Back in the old days
Before the white man came here
Was the pain a given choice?

Why do cheiis and masani’s steer clear of this topic?
Don’t Navajo’s have a story for everything?
Or is that the point?
We have to figure it out for ourselves?

What did they do in the past?
Does that matter?
Did they use bricks?
Did they jump off of cliffs?
Did they turn suicide into sacrifice?

If so, for what?
I don’t know
What are we supposed to do?
Since there’s a ritual to do when a coyote passes in front of you

Or are the answers not there?
Because we are meant to figure out the pain for ourselves?
For myself
Even though I don’t believe in Navajo spirituality
Or mormon spirituality

Yet we’re still here
Trying to drink water
With a never-ending well
Full of muddy water

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