Doctor Columbia

My therapist at Columbia is a Jewish man. From sophomore year to the end of my time at Columbia, we spoke weekly about some of my fears and anxieties

The peacock is beautiful
But really aggressive
And doesn’t get taken advantage of
Birds like him are meant to fly for others to see
But can’t really fly that far

He seems uptight
And likes to show off his feathers
People are mesmerized by them
And he is nice about it
Until he feels threatened by outsiders

Sometimes, the volcano in him bursts
Showing the red and fire in his eyes
It gets mistaken for anger
But it’s actually passion
Because deep down, he cares for others

He wishes he had some crimson feathers
To let other take the hint
He means business
But that wouldn’t go with his appearance
He would not be put together

But his bird friends need an advocate
With animals that can’t fly
since he can understands their experience too
He can protect himself as much as he can
With land animals
And mediate conflict because of his confidence

Thank you Dr.

You helped me in ways I’ll be forever grateful for.

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