There’s a creature over there
I think it’s me
It looks ugly on the outside
But I’m sure he’s just lonely
He isn’t beautiful like some people

He isn’t smart like people at school.
He isn’t the life of the party.
He’s not charismatic.
He’s a monster
But he’s nice

The world doesn’t reward nice people.
Instead of eating off plates
He should just eat off the floor
I’m sure that would be better
More people deserve things that him

Maybe he’s not cut out to be a monster
He wants to be a snake
Popular and cool, but sometimes mean
He wants to be praised
But he has to produce something of value

Like a business idea
Or make tons of money for others
He has to listen to the same music
But he dances
He won’t be a professional

It’s too late
He’ll just continue to be nice
He’s okay dying and being remembered as someone nice
Even if he’s poor and single
At least other’s won’t feel pain forever.

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