7 Fictional Characters with Substance Use Disorders

Life imitates art and vice versa. If there can be addicts in real life how can we not have them in fictional works. Even some of the popular fictional characters whom we adore are victims of substance use disorder (SUD) and they go through ordeals similar to those experienced by real people.

Here is a list of seven famous fictional characters who grappled with substance abuse:

1. Wendy Case (“Sons of Anarchy”): The character of Case in popular American crime drama television series “Sons of Anarchy” was an addict. Played by Drea de Matteo, Case overdosed on meth during pregnancy and as a result she gave birth to a son with a deformity. She tried committing suicide, overdosed and landed up in a rehab just like any actual addict. She was also shown spending hefty amount on her drugs.

2. Charlie Pace (“Lost”): Played by actor Dominic Monaghan, Pace is a character in the television series “Lost.” In one of the episodes, Pace becomes asphyxiated after swallowing a packet of heroin. When resuscitated, he faces arrest for possession of drugs, a scene which is a direct imitation of real life situations. He suffers from withdrawal symptoms which are a fallout in any kind of addiction. He was addicted to heroin for five long years.

3. Bubbles (“The Wire”): The fictional character of Bubbles in HBO drama series “The Wire” was also an addict. Played by actor Andre Royo, Bubbles was portrayed as a recovering heroin addict, who also worked as a police informant. He struggled to remain sober and managed to make his life better in the series. This character too was envisaged on the lines of real addicts and their trysts to hold their lives together after addiction treatment.

4. Vincent Vega (“Pulp Fiction”): The character of Vega, played by John Travolta in 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction,” is also an addict. A heroin addict, he overdosed another character Mia, who had nearly died. His addiction to heroin led to his untimely death in the film that happens with scores of addicts in the real world.

5. Tony Stark (“Iron Man”): Stark is a fictional superhero in American comic book series by Marvel Comics. He was a severe alcoholic who screwed up his life. He was shown taking risky decisions, getting embroiled in ugly brawls in parties that even cost his job. These are all eventualities of severe alcoholism in real life.

6. Sherlock Holmes (TV series on BBC): The renowned detective, a creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was known to abuse cocaine when there was no intriguing case to handle. Sherlock Holmes’s impulsive behavior, deception and not conforming to the rules in the society were all conjectured to be an outcome of his cocaine addiction. He abused cocaine by injecting himself to stimulate his mind.

7. George Jung (“Blow”): In movie “Blow” Johnny Depp plays the character of Jung. The movie is based on a real person by the same name who was a kingpin in the cocaine trade in the U.S. in the 70s and early 80s. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison for cocaine possession and drug peddling. He fell out with his kith and kin because of his addiction that happens with most addicts in real life.

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